Intuition to Income

intuition to income

Intuition To Income

The one-day class that’s all about turning your next “brilliance flash” into sustainable cash.


“Don’t play by the rules. Just use your intuition!”

It’s great advice, except — what the heck does it actually mean?

When you’re a soul-based entrepreneur — a mystic, healer, coach, consultant, inspirational speaker or writer — I bet you’re bombarded with flashes of “intuition” all the time. That’s just how you roll. One creative burst of insight after another.


So with all that fabulous “intuition” floating around …

How do you decide which ideas to set into motion — and which to shelve for later?

How do you figure out which ideas are actually profitable — and which are just passion projects?

How do you differentiate between a “great idea” for somebody else — and a great idea for YOU?


The key is to run your intuitive impulses through a smart + sensible system —

— a system that helps you test + refine your ideas, before investing a ton of time + energy making ‘em happen.


That system? It ain’t rocket science. I’ve used it for 25+ years in my own work as a tarot card reader + yoga teacher — and as a mentor for hundreds of other soul-based businesses, too.

It’s a system that’s helped me to consistently fill my client docket, create sold-out class after class, and design product launches that exceed even my own expectations.

And it’s a system that I’ll be teaching YOU how to do for yourself at my one-day online class: Intuition to Income.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’m so freaking intuitive — except when it comes to figuring out how to make money!” this is THE classroom for you.



Intuition to Income

Sunday August 31st. Online. Join from anywhere in the world.

Our flow for the day …

10am Central:     Good morning! Snuggle into your favorite couch (or under the covers) for a Yoga Nidra session — a practice that draws you into a dreamy state of “lucid sleeping,” where visionary ideas start crackling + popping, like whoa!

12pm Central:     Lunch break! Grab your favorite snacks + head over to our private Facebook group to share what’s bubbled up for you, during your Yoga Nidra dream-zone.

You’ll have questions to answer + conversation prompts to keep things tight + focused. Prepare to refine your ideas with smarty-pants peers (and potential customers).

2pm Central:    Step into the Money Zone! Raise your hand for a chance to share your new idea with me + the group. I’ll toss a few Tarot cards to check out the obvious (and not-so-obvious) possibilities for your concept. Our goal? Major cash. Major ease.

4pm Central:    Wrap up + high fives. You’ll walk away from the classroom with worksheets, audio recordings + a simple checklist that will help you roll through the Intuition to Income idea-testing system on your own, again and again.



My promise?

Spend a day in the Intuition to Income classroom, and you will walk away with at least ONE new idea for a sustainable revenue stream.

You’ll also feel a LOT more comfortable using your intuition to make business decisions — because you’ll have a pragmatic system to run ideas through, rather than just flying by the seat of your highly-intuitive pants.


Register now for $97. I can’t control your destiny, but unless you literally snooze through the entire class, you will come up with a hot idea to earn back your investment — and then some.

See you in the classroom on Sunday August 31st!

“I knew immediately upon seeing the description for Intuition to Income that I’d be interested in taking it; however, I couldn’t have predicted that I’d be walking away with a big new business idea that I’d been struggling to develop, detailed thoughts about how to implement it, and best of all, the tools with which to create more profitable ideas and decisions in the future.

Theresa is an amazing facilitator, and she knows her stuff. Don’t hesitate. Sign up.” ~ Esmé Weijun Wang :: Esmé Weijun Wang Productions

“I loved the Intuition to Income class! It was engaging and I really enjoyed the interactive format in which it was presented. It gave me the kickstart I really needed to put my intuitive ideas into action instead of just having them float around while I was “thinking” about getting things done. Thanks for a great class!” ~ Lori Lee


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