Light On Tarot

the magic of tarot + the movement of yoga
= a powerful method of self-exploration

This product is no longer available – it’s been retired to the Tarot Lady vault.  

When it comes to tarot + yoga, there’s a BIG difference between going through the motions — and embodying the message.

You can shuffle your deck, pluck out a card + scan for a reading — without really taking the philosophy of the card into your heart.

You can hoist yourself into downward facing dog, or tree pose, or tadasana — without letting the lesson of the posture percolate into your life.

Going through the motions get really old, really fast.

It’s the main reason we burn out, get bored, and stall on projects that used to mean something.

If you’re looking for a way to revive your passion for tarot, yoga, and your own personal evolution . . . it’s time to bring some meaningful new moves into your daily groove.

LIGHT ON TAROT is a 22-week experiment in self-exploration — a liberating roadtrip through the messages of the Major Arcana, paired with yoga sequences to deepen your understanding + embodiment of each card.

We begin with The Fool — the card of new beginnings — with a simple yoga practice that invites your beginner’s mind to come out + play.

We move on to Justice — the card of fairness + equilibrium — with boat pose + half-moon, to challenge your balance.

You’ll find The Hanged Man — the card of reversed perspectives — paired with inversions.

And The High Priestess — the card of intuition — paired with mantras + meditations.

The Empress brings poses of restoration and self care — calling your inner warrior-ruler to action.

And 22 cards later, we arrive at The World — the card of wholeness + completion — with a full-circle yoga practice that weaves all of your lessons together.

We’re taking tarot + yoga back to their original intention: to help you become a more compassionate, clear-headed + courageous person. (Sculpted shoulders + a cute butt? Just a sweet side-effect.)

Breaking it down | What you’ll receive:

  • 22 tarot-inspired yoga lessons (or yoga-inspired tarot lessons — depending on your point of view!) delivered once a week via email for 22 weeks. (You can also grab + download all 22 lessons at once, if you’re voracious like that.)
  • Stories, myths + Vedic philosophies to illustrate the meaning of each card in the Major Arcana (the most powerful cards in the deck!)
  • Easy-to-follow visuals + instructions to guide you through each yoga sequence.
  • Creativity sparks, journaling prompts + themed affirmations to carry each lesson even deeper into your mind + body.

Whether you’re a lifelong yogi or a total newbie . . .  a tarot master or a playful beginner . . . LIGHT ON TAROT will bring knowledge, inspiration — and hot new moves — into your life, business + spiritual practice.

You don’t need to ask for celestial guidance on this one . . .

This is an easy, freeing YES.


“People don’t always enter the world of yoga, or the world of tarot, looking for spiritual enlightenment. People generally start yoga looking for just one of yoga’s eight limbs: the physical practice. For tarot, the original magnet is often some crisis or drama — one of those desperate moments when you don’t have an answer, and you badly want/need one, so you turn to the cards. Neither impulse is particularly spiritual.And yet, anyone who practices either yoga or tarot seriously is almost certain to end up on a spiritual path — unconsciously at first, and then more and more consciously. It makes a world of sense to blend the two paths, as Theresa Reed does in Light on Tarot. Light on Tarot (the name is a play on Iyengar’s book, Light on Yoga) introduces new and old students of both practices to the spiritual side of the practice. Theresa doesn’t ask students to take on this path alone, though — she offers plenty of support in the form of affirmations and a carefully designed yoga practice to go with each topic (based on tarot’s major arcana cards) that she presents. The yoga practices are tailored to suit each topic. For example, The High Priestess calls for a meditation practice, while The Hanged Man calls for inversions. And Death? You guessed it, corpse pose.If you are learning tarot and finding it difficult to remember all the cards — and especially if you are a kinesthetic learner — you may find learning the cards through the prism of yoga to be the perfect match. If you are learning yoga, you’ll find a path here that will introduce you to far more than sun salutations. This is the class that takes the time to teach you what physical classes do not: the eight limbs of yoga and rarely discussed yogic concepts like tapas (discipline) and aparigraha (non-grasping).Of all the classes in this ecourse, my favorite is the one on The Magician. Here, Theresa connects the magic of manifestation with the power of satya, truth. Manifestation and abundance, she explains, require more than the power to wish — they call for acting with honesty and integrity at all times. This call to integrity is something rare nowadays, and my feeling is, bravo. Or, put another way — trill!”~ Bonnie Fernandes


“When I learned about Theresa’s latest project, “Light on Tarot”, I was really excited. The concept of utilizing a yoga practice to enhance your tarot reading skills was fascinating to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Each lesson explores a different card of the major arcana using a combination of asanas (yoga poses), meditation, journaling, a personal challenge and an affirmation.I was privileged to be able to attend the yoga classes where Theresa introduced her lessons from “Light on Tarot”. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with her, do so – she is an amazing teacher! And don’t worry, Theresa’s wonderful in-depth descriptions of the asanas along with the illustrations make it easy for even those who are new to yoga to follow. Each practice was the perfect accompaniment to the exploration of the card and I enjoyed the added layers of understanding these lessons brought to my relationship with the cards.I can’t believe the difference these lessons have made in my readings! I had hoped that I would gain insight into some of my “problem” cards (you know, the ones that just don’t seem to resonate with you) but I was amazed to find that my connection to the energies of all the cards was enhanced. Not only were the lessons inspirational, but they were fun, too. If you want to explore the cards of the major arcana in a new and innovative way, you want “Light on Tarot”.”~ Jackie Dayen


“Theresa Reed always floors me with her incredibly accurate tarot readings. I go back to her again and again. I can’t seem to get enough of her insight! This new eCourse is jam packed with her incredible knowledge of tarot mixed with yoga poses and daily exercises that merge all of these things into a practice that helps you connect with yourself and the world around you in a way that is truly life changing. I cannot say enough about how important this work is and how it helps calm the body, mind and spirit. This is restorative work. Theresa takes personal transformation to a whole new level.”~ Catherine Just


“Wow – Theresa is a genius!! This was so amazing to read. I loved all of the exercises and journaling. I loved all of the sutra wisdom and even the tarot wisdom (even though I don’t know much about it). As soon as I saw the death card I knew it was going to be corpse pose!”~ Mimi Strzelewicz,


“Light on Tarot, teaches a practical (and enjoyable) way to experience the wisdom of the Major Arcana and apply it your daily life. Its fully immersive approach will have you thinking, doing, journaling and exercising. So… get off your butt, strike a pose, and let the journey begin.”- Bill Tarot


“Theresa is the “master” of not wasting your time. I loved her approach to using a yoga/tarot connection that I found practical and fun to use. I think all too often we neglect the body/mind connection and this series brilliantly connects both. This program is excellent for sedentary practitioners like myself or anyone wanting to take either of these practices to another level. Thank you Theresa for creating this course!”~ Gina Thies, Professional Tarot Reader, Owner –


“Theresa — Wow! I love this course. Your wit and vision are so integral to this world. This course will open people to splendid insight and global goodness will follow!”~ Lora Keller


“Theresa Reed’s Light on Tarot is fabulous! By uniting the wisdom of Yoga and Tarot, she’s created a practical, powerful, and truly unique guide to understanding the Major Arcana. By the time you make it through the exercises, you’ll not only know what the cards mean on an intellectual level, you’ll know what they feel like in body and soul.I highly recommend Light on Tarot for both Yoga and Tarot lovers alike. Theresa Reed’s not only The Tarot Lady, but clearly The Tarot Guru as well.”~ Georgianna Boehnke


“I am delighted with Theresa Reed’s new ecourse on tarot and yoga. It can stand alone just as an excellent guide to the 22 Majors (and indeed gave me some great advice!). As a yoga beginner, I really appreciate the introduction to postures and concepts that parallel the cards, as it helped me to better understand the yoga concepts. Well-done!”~ Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of the Gaian Tarot,


If you are a lover or Tarot and a lover of Yoga Light on Tarot brings both
worlds together in a way I have never seen. This program is
for those who are into the magic of the unseen and the gift of the physical
world. It hits that sweet spot for any seeker who is on the path to connecting
to their true self.~ Hillary Rubin, Breakthrough Coach and creator of Hillary’s Yoga Practice Podcast + Yoga Foundations with Hillary Rubin


“”Yoga and Tarot Unite! Theresa Reed, a world-celebrated tarotist and practicing yoga instructor, has done it again. She’s found the marriage between the spiritual and physical, synthesizing the depth and wisdom of tarot with the physical and spiritual practice of yoga. Even if you don’t know anything about either discipline, this system is designed for simplicity ease of use. Theresa’s practical and easy-to-understand approach is clear enough for any newcomer to understand, yet deep enough for any long-term yoga or tarot practitioner to realize new techniques and personal epiphanies for living these energies with new eyes. What will you discover in this program? You will merge beautiful life energies of the tarot with yogic physical movement exercises directly related to each card’s life energy. Clear suggestions for journaling and personal insight are provided with positive affrimations for self-growth. The system is a brilliant, holistic experience of personal awakening.” ~ Donnaleigh de la Rose, Beyond Worlds


“Thank you very much for your effort that is clearly visible that you have put in the Light on Tarot series.I love the format (weekly pdfs) that I can read on all my devices and I love the Idea behind.
Being very new to Yoga, I am still way behind in working through the exercises, but already I am benefitting strongly.In addition, the price is absolutely fantastic!Thank you, Markus”

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