Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2023 shows up on May 5th at 1:34 PM EDT, illuminating the roles intimacy and shared resources play in your life. Since 2021, opportunities to consider what’s yours and mine – and how to combine have been swirling around. Issues centered on sharing and selfishness may have come to light, accelerating the need for change. This Eclipse is a Full Moon, which creates a feeling of finality. The lessons are done, you’re ready to let go, and grow.

Eclipses can be shocking, and this one may go out with a bang. Blockages are about to get blown apart, laying the truth bare. While this may feel like a jolt, it is actually the storm that will clear the air once and for all. Do not fear this energy. Instead, embrace it. This is your chance to open up and experience new levels of closeness and abundance. If you’re holding on to a toxic situation or person, Scorpio energy is like the antidote that pulls the poison out. The more willing you are to face the facts and release the venom, the more likely you’ll undergo a profound awakening. Eclipses and Scorpio never do things halfway. Instead, this combo proves to be the potent magic for true evolution.

You may feel like you’re changing. You are awakening to a new purpose, one that will allow you to create security in every area of your life. This day opens the door – but you must be willing to trust the universe and yourself. There will be much work ahead, but it’s worth it. It won’t be long before you see it.

On the world’s stage, issues around reproductive freedom, financial equity, banking, privacy, and sexual identity – all Scorpio themes – will be under the spotlight. While it may seem like the bad guys are winning, their time is limited. Some clarity arrives on this day, and those who are willing to do the hard work will start to see a path forward. Scorpio doesn’t play around, but it’s also a sign that focuses on patient strategy. The Eclipse will show the way for the warriors in the fight against ignorance. Destiny is calling, and the players are lining up in place, gearing up for the fight ahead.

During an Eclipse, it’s important to make self-care your priority. If you can, take the day off. Do something nice for yourself. Rest up, stay hydrated, and turn your phone off. Enjoy as much quiet time as you can. If you need to make decisions, especially around your love life or finances, hold off until a few days have passed. By then, you’ll know what to do and where to go.

Here are your mini Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2023 tarot readings with the Hieronymus Bosch Tarot!


Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Sin of Gluttony – Where have you been overindulging? Change your habits before it’s too late.

Taurus: Knight of Birds – You’re ready to take flight! The road is open, and adventures await!

Gemini: Queen of Swords – There is a rat in your midst. Don’t be fooled. Once they’re exposed, banish them.

Cancer: Sin of Envy – If you’re busy coveting other people’s goods, you miss the bounty around you.

Leo: King of Skates – There are many distractions around you at this time. Be careful, or you’ll lose your way.

Virgo: Deception – Secrets are emerging. Now you’ll know who’s got your back – and who is pulling your chain.

Libra: Knight of Coins – Your success is guaranteed. You have the skills and the vision – trust yourself!

Scorpio: Queen of Skates – Some juicy gossip is coming your way. Expect to be shocked – or pissed.

Sagittarius: Kings of the East – Everything you touch prospers you now. The magic is at your fingertips.

Capricorn: Temptation – A choice is presented. Let your passions lead the way – but don’t forget to research the offers.

Aquarius: Ignorance – Don’t get into stupid arguments with stupid people. Also: learn to read the room before taking action.

Pisces: Baron of Swords – You might feel defeated at this time. You’re not. Give yourself time to regroup.



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