Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2023 will occur on October 28th at 4:24 PM EDT. A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth gets in between the Moon and the Sun, casting a shadow upon the Moon’s surface. It’s not only a Full Moon. but also the last of a two-year cycle through the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which means there is a sense of finality in the air. Lessons have been learned about security, values, sensuality, creativity, and resources. What were your takeaways? How have you grown in the past two years? More importantly, what can you release to support the person you’re becoming?

Eclipses tend to be unpredictable, and this one is sandwiched between two challenging aspects, which adds more intensity. The first aspect is a Mars-Jupiter opposition, which shows up at 12:03 PM EDT. Mars centers around passion, while Jupiter is associated with expansion. Because Jupiter is retrograde, the energy is inward-focused, something Mars doesn’t like. This opposition creates feelings of frustration and impulse. You’ll need to keep that in check – the last thing you want to do is stir up drama on the day of an Eclipse. Instead, it’s better to tap into the Taurus Moon’s patience, which will help keep that antsy vibe in check. Mercury will oppose Jupiter at 11:44 PM EDT, and although this has the potential to create mental tension, it can also lead to profound insights. This opposition could bring pertinent information about an ongoing situation. However, you’ll want to give the Eclipse a few days to settle before taking action.

When you combine these aspects with the Lunar Eclipse, the energy becomes disruptive. Again, you’ll need to sit tight until things blow over. The more you allow, the more likely you’ll emerge from this cosmic chaos with a fresh perspective – and the ground will be laid for your new chapter.

Pay attention to endings around financial situations, romantic relationships, and creative projects. Something or someone may be eclipsed out of the picture, and most likely, this has been long overdue. While Taurus loves to hold on, this Eclipse demands you to release your grip. Trust that these endings are for the best (they are). Later on, you’ll understand the role these grand finales played in your transformation.

Here are some mini Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2023 tarot readings with The Houseplant Tarot!

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Two of Potted Trees – The past is the past. Put it behind you as you make plans for your bold new future.

Taurus: The High Priestess – Your intuition is free to blossom. Whatever blocked your access is gone.

Gemini: Six of Cacti – After a setback, you can begin to move forward. Don’t look back. You’re free to go.

Cancer: Queen of Succulents – Listen to your tender heart. It will tell you what you need.

Leo: Page of Potted Trees – A new financial beginning is possible. Plant the seed and watch your money grow.

Virgo: Page of Cacti – A petty conflict needs your attention. Nip that garbage in the bud before it gets out of control.

Libra: Knight of Potted Trees – You are on firm ground. There is steady support by your side. All is well.

Scorpio: Three of Cacti – Cut ties with anyone who crossed you. They don’t deserve access.

Sagittarius: King of Succulents – An emotional situation comes to a conclusion. Now you can sail on, unbothered.

Capricorn: Strength – You have the power to overcome the challenge. Trust your strength – and handle that business.

Aquarius: Eight of Cacti – Don’t get in your own way. The doors are open, and the only thing blocking you is YOU.

Pisces: King of Cacti – A logical approach will keep you safe. Don’t let your emotions sabotage your progress.



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