New Moon in Aquarius 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Aquarius 2022 turns up on February 1st at 12:46 AM EST. This groovy lunation conjoins with Saturn within a few hours, providing the discipline for making dreams a reality. Then, two days later, Mercury stations direct, which means we can step toward the future we want confidently. In short: this is a potent day – and the magic will start to unfold within days of its arrival.

New Moons signal beginnings and births. After such a rough January, this Aquarian vibe sets the perfect stage for long-overdue changes, both on an individual and collective level. What kind of future can you envision for yourself – and others? How can we share this planet in a way that sustains everyone? And what advances would you like to see in the areas of technology, science, and social justice? The New Moon in Aquarius is time to dream of a bigger, more inclusive world and start laying the foundation for this to become real.

Aquarius is also associated with friendship. Take stock of your current entourage. Are you surrounded by folks who support you? Or is your crew filled with frenemies? Is it been too long since you’ve connected with your best pals? How have you been nurturing or neglecting those relationships? Clean out the troublemakers, reconnect with anyone you’ve lost touch with, or start looking for a whole new circle.

Because Aquarius is an Air sign, this day could also be flush with new ideas or ways of thinking. What old stories are you releasing – and what new ones will you create for future generations? Keep in mind it is also a Fixed sign – for some, outdated attitudes may be difficult to clear. If you find yourself stuck with old, negative beliefs (or are unwilling to change them), it might be time to seek support. It can feel scary to embrace new ideas – but if you’re going to evolve, you certainly don’t want to hang on to values that cause harm to yourself or others. But the good news about Fixed sign energy: once you make up your mind to change, not much can stop you.

This is the ideal lunation for setting intentions around technology, friendship, innovation, and humanitarianism. Learn how to do that with New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller.


And here’s some mini New Moon in Aquarius 2022 Tarot Readings for each zodiac sign with The Cirque Du Tarot!

New Moon in Aquarius 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Ace of Wands – An exciting new opportunity presents itself. It’s GO TIME!

Taurus: Queen of Swords – Don’t be afraid to speak up for what you want. An upfront approach is best.

Gemini: Eight of Swords – You are unable to make a move at this time. Your hands are tied. Wait it out.

Cancer: The Hanged Man – Be willing to make a sacrifice to get what you desire. It will be worth it.

Leo: King of Cups – Emotions are strong today – but honest. Follow your feelings.

Virgo: Knight of Swords – Someone around you is itching for drama. Suit up, make your point, move on.

Libra: Ten of Wands reversed – A burden is being lifted from your shoulders. At last, relief is here.

Scorpio: Three of Cups – A circle of support surrounds you. With friends like this, you can reach every goal!

Sagittarius: The Hierophant reversed – Go your own way. Why conform when you can blaze unique trails?

Capricorn: The Emperor – Your past actions are creating security for today. Keep going! You’re a total boss!

Aquarius: Page of Pentacles – News arrives about a financial situation – and it’s better than what you originally thought.

Pisces: The Moon – No matter how confusing things may seem at the moment, your instincts will lead you to the right decision.



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