New Moon in Cancer 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Cancer 2020 arrives on Monday, July 20th at 1:33 PM EDT. This is the second of two New Moons in this sign which puts an emphasis on the things Cancer rules: home, family, and security. You may be ready for changes in these areas. Perhaps you want to move or start a family. Or maybe you’re ready to forgive a loved one. Whatever the case may be, a significant change is possible now. Keep in mind that this New Moon is followed by a conjunction with Saturn – this adds a serious note to anything you begin at this time.

In other words: this New Moon ain’t playing around. Any intentions you set carry weight – you must consider what seeds you are planting carefully. For example, if you want to have a child, are you ready for that responsibility? Have you thought about the impact that decision might have on your life? Take stock of the consequences before petitioning the Universe.

The Cancerian Moon is sensitive. Feelings are jacked up more than usual and everyone is ten times more touchy. You’ll want to go easy on others…and yourself. If emotions come to the surface, let it flow and let it go. A good cry could feel like a purge. You’ll also want to allow others to be in their feelings too, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

With the world in chaos at this moment, it’s imperative that we take care of each other. The New Moon in Cancer 2020 is a good time to ask: what can I do for my community and my country? How can I nurture the next generation? What actions can I begin to take that might heal Mother Earth? Ponder those questions and then begin doing your part to tend to the wellbeing of this planet and the people who inhabit it. After all, Cancer is all about the home – and Earth belongs to all of us. Let’s clean up our home and make sure everyone has a seat at the table and a full belly. We can do this!

And here’s some mini New Moon in Cancer 2020 Tarot Readings for each sign of the zodiac using the Fountain Tarot!

New Moon in Cancer 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: The World – The world is your oyster. A significant milestone is achieved, leaving you free for the next big thing.

Taurus: Five of Swords – You are in a tricky position. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. Do the right thing, even if it costs you.

Gemini: King of Swords – You have truth on your side. Sit with that and don’t worry about those who seek to defame you.

Cancer: The Fountain reversed – Nothing seems to be happening at the moment. It’s okay. Soon, things will flow again.

Leo: The Lovers – Romance is on the rise. Expect intimacy, a deeper connection, and much-deserved attention.

Virgo: Queen of Wands – Whatever lights your fire, go for that. Tend to the passions that make your life exciting.

Libra: Page of Cups – Someone is trying really hard to let you know that they love you. A message softens your heart.

Scorpio: Death – You are so in your element. Clear the air, burn a few bridges, make way for a complete transformation.

Sagittarius: The Magician – You are about to pull off an amazing feat. Everyone is amazed but you knew you could do it all along.

Capricorn: Ten of Swords – Ugh. An ending is at hand. It sucks for the moment but you must trust that it’s essential for your liberation.

Aquarius: Four of Swords – Rest up. Take a time out. A day spent cooling your jets will rev up your mental engine.

Pisces: Five of Cups – A few disappointments are not the end of the world. Stop focusing on what’s not working. Look at what is.



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