New Moon in Gemini 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

On Monday, May 30th at 7:30 AM EDT, the New Moon in Gemini arrives, and with it comes the possibility of new thoughts, conversations, and short trips. New Moons signal a fresh start – but with Mercury still in retrograde, you’ll need to reflect on your words, ideas, and plans with care. Although breakthroughs are possible, breakdowns can happen if you’re not mindful. Also: Gemini is a mutable sign and is often accused of being fickle. You might find you want one thing…only to change your mind 46 minutes later. This is another reason why it’s best to take a chill pill (or 10) before you hit send, open your mouth, or start jotting down your big, bold intentions.

The day before this New Moon kicks off, Mars and Jupiter will align in fiery, impulsive Aries. This throws on a switch, which feels like a jolt of energy. Suddenly, you’re hot-to-trot to get things moving at warp speed. But again…Mercury retrograde won’t make that easy. You may be forced to slow that roll down to a tired snail’s pace, something the New Moon in Gemini doesn’t like.

But that slow down will be in your best interest. Instead of leaping ahead on a fool’s errand, you can stop and see which way you really should go, what risks are worth taking, and which ends need to be tied up first. This will allow you to max out this smarty-pants vibe and set the best intentions. Speaking of which, the New Moon in Gemini 2022 is super-duper for creating wishes around writing projects, conversations, educational goals, travel, relationships with siblings, and new ideas. Learn how to do that with New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller. It’s my favorite book on this topic.

And here’s some mini New Moon in Gemini 2022 Tarot Readings with the Zenned Out Tarot!

New Moon in Gemini 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign Zenned Out Tarot

Aries: Knight of Swords – Do not shy away from battles with others or yourself. Confront the issue head-on.

Taurus: The Moon – Nothing is certain at this time. Therefore, you’ll want to proceed with caution.

Gemini: King of Swords – You are the master of words. Use them wisely and you’ll inspire others to greatness.

Cancer: The Devil – Face your shadow and befriend it. You’ll see there is nothing to fear.

Leo: The Magician – You are manifesting the thing you want the most now. Do not get in your own way.

Virgo: Eight of Swords – The limitations are self-imposed. Go within and you’ll find your way out.

Libra: The Hanged Man – Your faith is going through a mighty big test. Hang in there – you’re almost through the hardest part.

Scorpio: Ace of Pentacles – A new opportunity begins to emerge. This could be the start of something amazing!

Sagittarius: The Sun – Joy, abundance, creativity, and glory – it’s all yours for the taking! And yes, you deserve this!

Capricorn: Three of Wands – Something new is beginning to percolate. Stay alert for opportunities. You’re going places!

Aquarius: Queen of Swords – Do not mince words. Sure, they may sting but at least everyone will know which ring to kiss.

Pisces: Nine of Pentacles – King of Pentacles – You are secure. How many times do you need to be told that?



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