New Moon in Libra 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Libra 2019 will arrive on Saturday, September 28th at 2:26 PM EDT. This New Moon indicates a chance to start a new relationship – or to reboot a stagnant one. If you’re single, take a chance on romance. Update that online profile. Start putting yourself back on the game. Show the Universe that you’re interested! Already partnered? Make love, not war. You can start that by upping the sizzle with some romantic gestures: poetry, a picnic in the park, couples massage at the spa, or snuggling in front of the fireplace. If your relationship has been struggling as of late, look for ways to clear the air or find common ground as well. A bit of compromise could go a long way.

Business partnerships and joint ventures begun under this New Moon have a great chance of succeeding. Go ahead and sign that contract, shake hands, and get the ball rolling!

Another way that this New Moon in Libra could be helpful: setting boundaries. If you’ve been pushed around for far too long, let this be the day when you say no more. Libra can sometimes be a people-pleaser and if that sounds like you, let this day be your green light to change that. You do not have to be a doormat, just to keep the peace. Stand up for yourself! Start saying no – and sticking with it.

Because of the connection to justice, this is also the right day to get involved in the world at large. No more holding back and hoping for change. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Create a movement for social justice and do the right thing. After all: we are all in this together. Let’s act like it!

The evening finds Venus in a favorable sextile with Jupiter at 7:41 PM. If there was ever a night for Netflix and Chill, this is IT.  Hubba hubba!

And here’s some mini New Moon in Libra 2019 Tarot Readings with the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot!

New Moon in Libra 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: The High Priestess – What are your feelings trying to tell you about a situation? Pay attention. Your guides are speaking – and they will not steer you wrong.

Taurus: King of Swords – Tell the truth and clear the air. You can repair any situation if you’re willing to do that. Today is all about honesty.

Gemini: The Emperor – You are in control. Focus your will on what you wish to accomplish and watch the mountains move out of your way.

Cancer: Ten of Wands – The pressure is great but you must carry on. You are getting ready for a major rebirth. Like the phoenix, you will rise from the ashes.

Leo: Ten of Cups – Your future is filled with love and all the good things. Keep looking ahead. The happy ending is getting closer.

Virgo: Five of Swords – A disappointment. Something or someone lets you down. You’re hurt but at least you see the truth. Move on. F*ck ’em.

Libra: The Devil – A situation becomes tense, unbearable, and painful. But you cannot move out of it. The exit is there but you’ll need to work hard to find it.

Scorpio: Queen of Cups – Your sensitivity is high at this time. Express your feelings. Let other people know what’s in your heart.

Sagittarius: Four of Cups – If you don’t like what’s being offered, take a pass. You don’t have to accept anything that’s not up to your standards.

Capricorn: Wheel of Fortune – The gears of fate are beginning to shift. Momentum is gathering. Finally, you’re moving toward your destiny.

Aquarius: Nine of Wands – You’ve taken a beating but you’re still standing. Lick your wounds and get back in the game. There is still more work to do.

Pisces: Three of Wands – More improvements are on the way. Look to the future. Opportunities are sailing into view. Yay you!



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