New Moon in Libra 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Have your relationships hit a brick wall? Feeling stuck in the same-old-same-old patterns? A significant change is possible once the New Moon in Libra appears on the 6th at 7:05 AM EDT. This lunation offers the chance to start over on the right foot or begin a new chapter with someone else. Keep in mind that this New Moon will conjoin with Mars and Mercury, which is currently retrograde. This means you must avoid impulse, no matter how much you want to get the ball rolling. If you’re pushing issues or people, you may end up with big-time drama. If that happens, you’ll get a transformation…just not the one you want.

The best path for today is to reflect on your relationships. What’s going on? What’s working? Where are you seeing progress…or not? So first, take inventory of your current status – and then consider which actions you can take to improve any and all partnerships. That may mean new boundaries, a heart-to-heart conversation, or taking a powder on an unhealthy alliance.

Libra wants harmony, so be ready to compromise as well. Listen to the other side and see if you can find a middle-ground. Even if you agree to disagree, it’s still a step in a better direction. With Mars in the mix, conflict is possible, but sometimes that is the best way to get to the heart of what matters. Mercury retrograde may shed light on communication issues. If you see a problem in this arena, there is no better time to address it.

Lastly, Pluto will station direct in the afternoon and square off with the Moon in the wee hours of Thursday morn. A power play may emerge, but if you’re willing to share that power, the transformation will be spectacular.

On the world’s stage, we may see a substantial shift happening. Finally, a situation comes to a head, an agreement is made, and a truce is possible. This means all sides get some of the things they want…but no one gets the whole cake. The energy almost feels like tossing a few bones to keep the peace. We’ll see how that shakes out over the days that follow.

Usually, New Moons are fantastic for setting intentions. For example, the New Moon in Libra 2021 could be excellent for focusing on relationships, money, and justice. However, while it’s still not a bad time to set those intentions, the retrograde action could delay gratification – or create a cosmic miscommunication. So be clear on what you’re asking for and patient with the results.

And here’s some mini New Moon in Libra 2021 Tarot Readings with Tarot For Kids!

New Moon in Libra 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: The Magician – You are about to manifest one of your biggest desires. The force is with you!

Taurus: Knight of Coins – What seeds for the future do you want to plant? Consider this carefully.

Gemini: Balance – Slow your roll. You don’t need to rush to the finish line. That’s how mistakes are made.

Cancer: Eight of Swords – The binds fall off and suddenly you’re free. Where will you go next?

Leo: The Moon Queen – Your feelings contain the truth. Listen closely to what they are trying to tell you.

Virgo: Six of Cups – An old friend comes back into the picture. Time to catch up on what’s been happening.

Libra: Three of Wands reversed – If one of your plans isn’t working out, get back to the drawing board. Find a new route.

Scorpio: The Sun – Brighter days are ahead. Finally, you’re turning the corner and finding the light!

Sagittarius: Ace of Swords – Today feels like the start of something important. Be alert for an opportunity.

Capricorn: Nine of Cups – You’re getting the thing you wanted the most. A wish come true at long last!

Aquarius: Knight of Cups – Follow your big, beautiful heart. See where it leads you.

Pisces: Ten of Swords – Let go of the past. Why would you want to carry any of that into your beautiful future?



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