New Moon in Scorpio 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Cue the Duran Duran: the New Moon in Scorpio arrives on Monday, November 13th at 4:27 AM ET. New Moons occur when the Moon is aligned with the Sun in the same zodiac sign and degree. Astrologers refer to this as a “conjunction.” While this lunation is not visible, you can tune into the frequency. New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles, so they are potent for manifestation work.

In mysterious Scorpio, you can dive deep into your secret desires. What do you really want? Dig down and bring them to the surface. This is not the time to play cloak and dagger with your needs. Scorpio wants transformation, and that can only happen if you’re truthful. Once you’re clear on what you crave, you can plant seeds for future growth. 

Scorpio is associated with joint finances and intimacy. This day is excellent for addressing issues around give and take in partnerships. Are you sharing freely, or are there conditions in place? Do your relationships feel secure, or are you sacrificing your needs? You can begin to turn this around by getting vulnerable. While that may feel uncomfortable, it is the first step in creating a healthy dynamic with the important people in your life. 

This Moon is followed by two volatile aspects, which adds intensity. The Moon-Uranus opposition at 5:05 AM ET creates emotional unpredictability and sudden disruptions. Shortly after, the Moon conjoins with Mars, which can bring explosive feelings to the surface. If you have unconscious anger or resentment, it becomes visible. This is not a negative. Instead, it’s an opportunity for shadow work, something Scorpio loves. If you allow these emotions room to breathe, you can set them free at last. 

New Moons are fantastic for setting intentions. In Scorpio, plant seeds around themes of sex, shared resources, intuition, power, and transformation. Learn how to do this with New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller.

The next day, a sliver of the Moon appears in the sky, like the first sprout of a seed. It’s the Moon’s way of letting you know your wish is beginning to grow.

And here are some mini New Moon in Scorpio 2023 tarot readings for each zodiac sign with the Goddess of Love Tarot!

New Moon in Scorpio 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Queen of Wands – You are large and in charge. Take your crown – and assume control. You earned the right.

Taurus: Three of Wands – You’re not a bull – you’re a rare unicorn. This is your chance to stand out from the rest.

Gemini: Two of Swords – You have many ideas but need more time to ponder the possibilities. Let things marinate for now.

Cancer: Four of Wands – Good news arrives! This calls for a celebration with plenty of cake!

Leo: Temperance – Your patience is about to pay off. The results are totally in your favor. You win!

Virgo: Maiden of Wands – This is your cue to start anew. Anything you begin today will blossom.

Libra: Queen of Swords – Cut ties to anything or anyone you’ve outgrown. Prune your world so you can flourish.

Scorpio: Ten of Swords – You are preparing for a complete rebirth. Tear down the old, prep the soil for new seeds.

Sagittarius: Four of Swords – You’ve been busy. Isn’t it time to rest a bit? A respite will fuel your soul.

Capricorn: Crone of Wands – Burn the bridges, shed your skin, and rise like a phoenix. Your transformation is complete.

Aquarius: Seven of Pentacles – The work seems impossible, and your position is difficult. But the way out will reveal itself if you wait.

Pisces: Lust – The temptations are exciting. Indulge a bit, but don’t lose your head in the process.



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