New Moon in Virgo 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Virgo 2019 arrives on Friday, August 30th at 6:37 AM EDT. This is a fabulous New Moon for cleaning, decluttering, and creating order in any area of your life. Use Thursday’s Dark Moon to contemplate where you need to tidy up. What things are working well? Where are falling short? What is no longer necessary? Ponder those questions. Analyze the details thoroughly. Then, craft a to-do list and get moving on Friday. This is a Moon that favors efficiency – if you spend the time prepping on Thursday, you can make great progress starting Friday.

This New Moon is excellent for starting a new health regimen. If you’ve been slipping into bad habits as of late (guilty as charged), don’t beat yourself up. Instead, make a vow to start anew today. Clean up your diet, join a gym, or visit with your health care practitioner. New routines and habits begun today could impact your future health positively.

The Virgo New Moon loves to be of service. If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in a good cause, let this be the day you sign up. The world is in trouble at this time and needs more do-gooders to stand up. No matter where you are or how powerless you may feel, even small acts can make a difference.

A few notes about this New Moon: a trine with Uranus at 6:08 AM is a glorious time for intuitive guidance, flashes of inspiration, and genius idea-generating. The Moon will be conjunct Mars at 8:15 AM, which can be great for taking action on those ideas BUT it can also make folks grouchy, argumentative, and mean-spirited. Because of the placement in Virgo, the critics are out with knives and ready to do damage. Take a deep breath, stay focused on your goals, and let it all go. Ain’t nobody got time for petty stuff…except petty people. By 2:13 PM the mood shifts when the Moon touches down on Venus. Can’t we all just get along? Why yes…yes we can.

And here’s some mini New Moon in Virgo 2019 Tarot Readings with The Affirmators! tarot deck!

New Moon in Virgo 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: The Chariot – The path ahead is clear. Focus your will on your destination and trust that you’ll arrive in style.

Taurus: Nine of Pentacles – All that hard work in the past pays off now. Rewards are on the way. You’ve come a long way, baby!

Gemini: The Tower – Do not be afraid to burn bridges. Do not fear change. Things are tumultuous now but liberation is straight ahead.

Cancer: The Lovers – Love is in the air! Make connections. Deepen current partnerships. Love rules all decisions today.

Leo: The Emperor – The ball is in your court and you’ve got total control. The realm is safe in your capable hands.

Virgo: Nine of Cups – What do you want? Make your wish! The gods of fortune are smiling on you.

Libra: Four of Swords – Rest up! You’ve been pushing yourself. A day to kick back and chill brings healing.

Scorpio: Temperance – Practice moderation. You may be known for extremes but today balance is needed.

Sagittarius: Two of Wands – New adventures await! Where do you want to go next? Indulge your wanderlust!

Capricorn: The World – Everything comes to a beautiful, successful finish. You did it! Congrats!

Aquarius: Three of Wands – So many opportunities are starting to come your way. From where you stand, the future is full of promise.

Pisces: Two of Swords – You’ve got a major decision ahead. Ponder the possibilities. Do not rush to judgment.



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