Oh, just one more thing…
As a Tarot reader, you have to keep track of time while you’re working with a client. 

It’s  tricky when you’re doing a 30-minute session and you’re 29 minutes in, and having tons of fun, and then your client says, “Oh, just one more thing…”

How do you make sure things end right on time? How do you wrap things up nicely without making your client feel pressured or rushed (because no one likes to feel that vibe)? 

Here are a few tips to help you end your tarot sessions gracefully:

1. First of all, be aware of the time. That means you should have a clock nearby so that you can keep track of how the session is rolling along. You must also be conscious of how much time it takes you to answer a question. Can you provide a cohesive answer in one minute? Or does it take you ten minutes or more? If you are mindful of how long it takes you to deliver information, you’ll be ready to handle this situation with ease.

2. If you are quick on the draw, you might want to pull one card and give a concise answer. Bang – everyone is happy!

3. If you’re someone who tends to be wordy or prefers to use elaborate spreads, you’ll need to gently decline. “I’m sorry but our time is up. If you’d like me to look at this question, let’s go ahead and book another session. Here’s how to do that…” and then direct them to your booking system.

4. You can nip this in the bud entirely by announcing five or ten minutes before the tarot session is up “We have time for one more question before we complete. Is there anything else you need to know?” This sets a clear boundary and alerts the client to get things moving.

5. On occasion, you’ll encounter a few folks who don’t get the hint. They may assume you have all the time in the world – or they may be penny pinchers, trying to get their money’s worth by milking you for all you’ve got. In that case, you must be firm: “I’m sorry but I have to close the session. I need to get ready for my next appointment. If you need additional information, you are welcome to book a new session.” Then be done. Do not linger, haggle, or allow someone to hold you hostage.

For email readings:

If you offer email readings as a service, you may also encounter people who want a free follow-up question. I have found that this often leads to more requests for “clarification” or some such thing, which means that email reading has now turned into a major undertaking.

Cut that to the chase by setting a strong, firm policy. That may mean either offering one free follow-up or stating that you do not offer follow-ups, period. Choose what feels right for you and your business. Above all, be sure to enforce your policies. Because if you don’t enforce them, they are not policies.

Service with a smile is something we all want to offer. It feels good to take supreme care of our clients. But that feeling can quickly diminish when someone tries to take advantage of your kind nature. A bit of boundary jujitsu will ensure your client gets the service they want while still respecting your time.



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