Talking Shop: Holiday Sales and Promotions

by Theresa Reed on November 14, 2018

Sleigh bells, reindeer, presents under the tree – and lots of folks getting their shopping on. Yep, tis the season for business! For entrepreneurs, the holidays can be the most lucrative time of the year. People are in the mood to spend money – and they’re also looking for the best deals. If you run […]

Do you move through your business year after year without reviewing what’s working…or not? If so, this is a recipe for disaster. A solid business needs a mindful approach. You need to do a business review. This begins with regular check-ins. Not only yearly but also monthly, weekly, and daily. Business audits lead to a […]

Sexual harassment and the solo entrepreneur

by Theresa Reed on October 10, 2018

I remember that day with crystal clarity. The man sat down at my tarot table and began shuffling the cards. He had been to my office before so he was not a complete stranger. But he was always a bit odd. I chalked it up to nerves. I laid out the cards and begin to […]

Whether you’re a total business newbie or a seasoned pro, the learning never stops. Your business provides you with plenty of lessons around money management, client care, admin stuff, and more. But your education shouldn’t stop there. In fact, continuing ed should be a regular part of your business plan. Because business changes. As the […]

At some point in your metaphysical business, you’re going to encounter a sticky business situation. It might be an unhappy client or business partnership gone kaput. Or maybe an online troll that tries to harm your rep. Whatever the business challenges, you need to be ready to deal with it – and move on as […]

Running a metaphysical business may sound like a dream. But it’s also a lot of work. You’ve got to market, pay bills, keep records, deal with clients, and so much more. It’s easy to get consumed with all of these details to the point where you don’t have much of a life. Then there’s this […]

You may have heard about the dreaded Mercury retrograde. Computer crashes, travel snafus, and communication mishaps: it sounds like the right time for a business nightmare scenario! Did you know that there are two other retrogrades that might wreak havoc on your biz? Or do you know what a void-of-course moon is – and what […]

Do you have a spiritual or heart-centered business? Wondering how to avoid the whole feast or famine cycle? Do you dream of having a fully booked client calendar with people you love working with? If that sounds like you, I’ve got the person I trust the most to help you get on the right path: […]

Talking Shop: Better Business Through Tarot

by Theresa Reed on May 16, 2018

Sacred artists and mystical entrepreneurs know that business isn’t always a smooth ride.  They also know that spiritual tools can help navigate through the stormiest business weather.  Tools such as astrology and tarot. Yes, these metaphysical tools are quite useful for business folk. In fact, you might be surprised to know how many CEOs turn […]

Spirit based businesses are great on the spiritual part but often they struggle on the business part, especially when it comes to the “m” word: money. Sometimes this is due to negative attitudes about money: I shouldn’t charge for my work, this is a gift, I’m afraid to raise my rates, I’m not sure if […]