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Want to know where you’re heading in your career? Wonder what your purpose might be? Not sure how to present your work to the world?

There’s one place in your natal chart that can reveal all of this…and more. It’s your Midheaven, the highest point on the chart. 

When you understand your Midheaven’s promise, you’ll know exactly what you need to succeed. Rather than scramble to act in a way that doesn’t make sense for you or your audience, the Midheaven will help you show up as the entrepreneur you were meant to be.

It’s that powerful. 

Also: when planets transit your Midheaven, you have opportunities to reboot and up your game. Wanna know how to grok that? 

In the latest Talking Shop, we’re discussing the Midheaven and what it means for your career.

In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

  • The technical definition of the Midheaven
  • What’s associated with the Midheaven and the 10th house – and why it’s so important to know this for your career
  • How to work with the Midheaven to discover your purpose and max out the work you’re meant to do in the world
  • What happens when a planet makes an aspect to your natal Midheaven
  • When you’re doing work that doesn’t align with your Midheaven and how to fix that

and more!

If you’re curious about astrology for your career, this is part eight in a series of podcasts geared for entrepreneurs. Listen in:

Listen in + learn:


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