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Eclipses have always struck fear in the hearts of humans. In some cases, they appear to blot out the sun – and that can be freaky!

Astrologers place a lot of importance on eclipses too. But it’s not something to be feared – especially in business.

If you learn to work with the energy, you can create big changes that actually improve your biz. 

This year Talking Shop is focusing on astrology for business. Why? Because many of our peers are curious about how we use astrology in our enterprises – so we’re sharing our perspectives!

In the latest Talking Shop, we’re chatting about eclipses – and how they may impact your business.

In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

  • What’s an eclipse
  • How it impacts business
  • Maximizing the changes eclipses bring
  • Setting intentions – yay or nay?
  • Rituals to use

and more!

If you’re wondering about eclipses and your biz, this is your astro-jam! Listen in:

Listen in + learn:


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