The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Social Media, Money Management, Wooing Clients + More.


A 14-part series for soul-based entrepreneurs who are ready to BO$$ UP, big time.

Dial up your discipline – and build a biz that even Jay-Z would be proud of.

This product is  no longer available – it’s been retired to the digital vault!

I’m going to lay down some tough love:

I didn’t become a professional tarot card reader and yoga teacher – with a 25-year track record of service + serious profitability – by sitting on my (yoga-toned) butt.

Going pro as a mystic – or any kind of soul-based entrepreneur – is just like going pro in any other industry.

It takes discipline, focus, devotion and a willingness to innovate + grow.

Do you think Jay-Z got to the peak of the hip hop scene by signing up for an e-course that promised to build him a 6-figure business in 30 days, while snacking on gold-dusted bon-bons?

Hellz no!

He created his legendary success by working his talented butt off + taking small-but-focused steps every single day, with love + consistency.

That’s the kind of BO$$ING UP that I want to see a LOT more of, in the spiritual + personal development world.

And that’s the kind of BO$$ING UP that my guidebook series is all about.

Over the past decade, I’ve mentored hundreds of professional mystics – tarot readers + yogis like me, as well as healers, coaches, energy- workers and inspirational speakers, consultants + writers with a soulful swirl to their biz.

I know what it takes to step up your game + create consistent income in our “non-traditional” industry.

And for those who are willing to channel their inner Jay-Z + actually do the work, success will be yours.

I’ve rolled out a killer series of mini-guidebooks covering the 14 topics that stress out pro-mystics more than anything else.

Yes, I’m talking about wooing clients, money management, social media boundaries, marketing, and more.

Here’s how it works:

You can buy the books a la carte – picking and choosing whichever topics you like – for $15 a piece.

Or, you can sign up to receive the full pack of 14 books – and the price drops down to $10 a pop + you get Writing For Your Business Tarot Games totally free! (Saving cash = boss move!)

Choose one – or choose ’em all:

Book One: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Social Media.

The winter holidays are over – time to get back in the digital saddle!

Social Media Prof Mystic Guide

Don’t fritter away your whole year on Facebook (I know … those cat photos are so tempting!) Instead: create a rock-solid social media plan that frees up more time for what you really love – not to mention: the work that pays the bills.

Get yours now:

Book Two: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Time Management.

Most people struggle with time management + productivity. Soul- based entrepreneurs are no different – but man, we are exceptionally skilled at coming up with excuses NOT to get to work!

Mystic's Guide Time Management

“I’m just a right-brained person-” “I’m just so highly-creative and sensitive-” “I’m an initiator, not a finisher-” “I’m just so buuuuusy…”

Uh-huh. Sure. How ‘bout tucking those excuses in a drawer and exploring what it feels like to clear the crap off your schedule + commit to what you LOVE?

(Jay-Z is beaming at you, already!)

Get yours now:


Book Three: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Marketing + Publicity.

If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard a soul-based entrepreneur groan, “I haaaaaate marketing!” I’d be richer than Beyonce + Usher + Snoop Dogg rolled together.

Professional Mystic's Guide Marketing & Publicity

Marketing is NOT rocket science – and it’s one of my favorite topics to talk about.

If you order just ONE guidebook this year, make it THIS one.

Get yours now:


Book Four: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Money Management.

You’re running a business – not a hobby, a church or a cult. (I hope.)

Professional Mystic's Guide to Money Management

It’s time to get clean + serious about your income – and start managing your money like a mogul-in-the-making.

Whether you’re dreaming about hitting multiple six-figures in the next five years, or just earning enough to comfortably quit your day job, this guidebook will set you up with a no-bullshit action plan.

Get yours now:


Book Five: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Blogging + Podcasting.

One of the “secrets” to my success? Um, it’s not a secret.

It’s the fact that I’ve made blogging + podcasting a priority in my business – and with my 50th b-day on the horizon, I’m no spring chicken!


Sharing your words + voice online is one of the BEST ways to connect with new customers, collaborators and the media.

And these days, with all of the free tools + publishing platforms? It’s ridiculously easy, even for tech-phobes + newbies. No excuses, baby!

Get yours now:


Book Six: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Finding Clients, Clients, And More Clients.

I know you’re wondering how to keep those clients coming to your door.

Here’s the deal: you need to be clear + committed to the people you want to serve before you start asking the Universe to send ‘em your way.

Professional Mystics Guide To Finding Clients

In this guidebook, we’ll cover a couple of the “traditional” ways to find clients – as well as the unconventional techniques that have worked for me over the past 25 years. (Spoiler alert! Word-of-mouth is still queen, and always will be.)

Get yours now:


Book Seven: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Hustling + Networking.

By now, you’ve figured out how you’re going to find your clients + customers. Now it’s time to crank up your confidence + hustle like a BO$$!

Networking does NOT have to be sleazy + draining – the key is stepping into it with a desire to give, give, give, not take, take, take.


This guidebook includes a special pump-you-up playlist, featuring my favorite hip hop tracks (and a couple of mellow grooves, for non-rap- lovers, too! 😉

Get yours now:


Book Eight: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Web Design + Branding.

It’s a proven fact: when customers arrive at a website that looks cluttered, dated + janky, they are significantly less likely to buy … anything.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the Mary J. Blige of your industry – if your online presence looks like a hot mess, you’re going to have a mighty tough time moving forward.


This guidebook features web design + branding insights from two of my favorite pros: Paul Jarvis, one of the most sought-after designers in the biz, and Melissa Cassera, personal branding + publicity expert to the stars!

Get yours now:


Book Nine: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Designing Products + Services.

There are 1,001 ways to offer your skills to the world – one-on-one sessions, classes, workshops, mentoring packages, guidebooks, training kits, calendars, journals, video-lessons – you name it!

The key is choosing the right product + service models for YOU not a copycat of somebody else’s shizzle.


In this guidebook, I’ll show you how to use “intuitive flashes” (those lightbulb moments you get during yoga, or during your morning shower) to design the BEST possible offerings for your audience. Originality? Guaranteed.

Get yours now:

Book Ten: The Professional Mystic’s Guide Dealing with Drrrama, Crackpots + Energy Suckahs!

The spiritual industry is PLAGUED by energy vampires – customers who won’t stop texting (at 4am in the morning), colleagues who just want to whine (when you’d rather be working), even well-meaning friends who don’t understand (or support) what you’re trying to build.

If you want to BO$$ UP, you’ve got to learn how give energy vamps the BOOT. (With love + firm boundaries, of course.)


This guidebook? VITAL for anyone who struggles with overbooking, over-committing or getting swept up in other people’s negativity. (So basically: everyone.)

Get yours now:


Book Eleven: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Planning + Launching.

A little insider secret? I don’t plan + launch ANYTHING without checkin’ out the stars (Mercury in Retrograde = a no-no!), doing a quick Tarot spread, and of course, triple-checking with my intuition.


If you’ve ever struggled to nail down the “most auspicious time” to start, finish or launch your next business offering, this guidebook will show you how to use common sense (and a lil’ mystical forecasting) to make the right call.

(Just in time for your 2017 business planning. Oh yeah!)

Get yours now:

Book Twelve: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Creating Events

Read my lips: retreats and workshops are a great way to deeply connect with your community and offer your talents in a bigger way. But planning one is not for the faint of heart!  Retreats and workshops require creativity, structure, and a whole lotta organization.


This guidebook is going to give you the lowdown on how to create an event that sells out, makes a profit, and gets people buzzing.  I’ll be sharing my own tips plus an exclusive interview with Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of the popular Gaian Soul Retreats.

Get yours now:

Book Thirteen: The Professional Mystic’s Guide to Business Etiquette

Your voicemail greeting. Your social media policies. Your timeliness in responding to texts and emails.

The way you talk about yourself. The way you talk about your peers and competitors. The way you handle blunders and mistakes — like accidentally double booking an appointment.

Everything you do either makes customers like & trust you more… or less.


So: how is your business etiquette? Do people perceive you as unshakably trustworthy, gracious, patient, and caring? Or is there (ahem) a little room for improvement?

With this guidebook, you will learn how to charm your customers, win friends and allies, and magnetize sales, referrals and big opportunities by building an impeccable reputation. It’s packed with etiquette tips for the online business era. Think of it like a digital “finishing school” for classy entrepreneurs!

Get yours now:

Book Fourteen: The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Writing For Your Business 

You might have the best products and services in the universe, but if you can’t describe what you do and why people ought to work with you… you’re kinda screwed.


Writing is one of those things that entrepreneurs tend to either “love” or “hate.” But when you’re running a business, writing is not optional. Love it or loathe it: you’ve gotta do it — and you’ve gotta do it simply, briefly, and clearly.

This guidebook will take you from word-hell to heaven, with simple templates to help you write every single page of your website (praise Buddha!), plus tips to turn you into the Shakespeare of social media & the blogosphere.

Frustration, cursing at your screen and procrastination: begone! It’s time to get yo’ word on.

Get yours now:

Bonus Book: Writing for Your Business Tarot Games

If you ever find yourself saying this: “I don’t know what to write”, this little e-book is going to change that. My friend Alexandra Franzen has helped me create these tarot-inspired writing prompts and games to get your writing mojo pumping and your fingers flying. Get your tarot decks and get ready to write, yo!


This wee-book is specially priced at $7.80

Get yours now:

Order the entire Professional Mystic’s Guidebook series – all 14 books
– for $10 a pop 
+ the Writing For Your Business Tarot Games bonus!

When you commit to the whole series in one go, you’ll save $70 . Holla!

Spend that extra cash on a bottle of Cristal – or a fine piece of bling.

To your BO$$ness!

Own the whole 14-book series:
{ only $10 per book! }

 *Special note: there are no refunds for digital products.  Please make sure you really want that swag before you hit the buy button!

Briheadshot-150x150“Theresa is THE mystic who proves that intuitive and sacred work not only has a place in social media but can actually find a beautiful and meaningful home there–full of connections that not only increase business but lead to better work. In other words–if you do sacred work then you absolutely MUST have these tips!”–Bri Saussy

joanna-gate-pink“Everything Theresa Reed does is classy and clear and to-the-point. No surprise that the “Mystic’s Guide to Social Media” is all of those things!  I wish I’d had this guide when I was first starting out in social media, and I picked up several new gems even though I’ve been at it for awhile now. Plus — the ebook is beautifully designed and easy to read. A+!” ~ Joanna Powell Colbert

CatherineJust_biophoto_300x300“I just finished reading the Professional Mystics guide to Money Management. WOW. This little ebook is JAM PACKED with valuable tips, resources and how-to’s. It’s clear, concise and no BS. Even though it’s written for mystics, it’s not a woo woo guide but has a few things sprinkled in that compliment this fact filled gem.

I’ve already shifted a few things around in my money management system because of this ebook. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little clarity around their business finances.”   – Catherine Just

michele andres, mystic mentor“The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed’s “Professional Mystic’s Guides” are actually an all inclusive business training program, covering every detail of successfully marketing your business, especially if it’s mystical, like mine. Better than any eCourse or biz book I’ve read, these clear and thorough guides provided me with everything I wanted and needed to know. And, I refer back to them often, as I keep evolving and taking the next steps in my on-line business.

They are, by far, the best ROI of my many business building investments. I have so much appreciation for Theresa Reed and everything she does for the Mystic Tribe. I highly recommend delving into anything she dishes. ~ Michele Andres,

beth owl's daughterOh, Theresa. I want to stand on a street corner and hand out The Professional Mystic’s Guide to Business Etiquette like religious tracts. The entire business world, and certainly our little mystically inclined niche, has needed this for so long!

Anyone who wonders why their business is struggling; why they attract tepid or even hostile responses to their work; why they can’t seem to schmooze successfully, or get the big names to support them; why they find themselves in flame wars, or get only crickets when they try to engage online.. THIS IS FOR YOU!

My mama was the ultimate Southern belle, and drilled into us that your economic circumstances, your dress size, your name, or alma mater, or pedigree are NEVER what really matters. Nor do they make a person “classy.” Poor manners and inept social skills are telltale signs of an underlying disinterest in others. People will always sense that, and sooner or later, it will undermine your success.

Etiquette boils down to treating people with courtesy and consideration.

But it’s not always easy to navigate the shifting rules and subtle customs in our complex world. Nowadays, we get many mixed messages from media, pundits, and celebrities. What my dear mother would have labeled “trashy” (and worse!) appears to now be ordinary and even celebrated.

But don’t you be fooled. In the real business world, poor social skills and selfishness are poison.

Luckily, with this essential guide, you no longer have any excuses. Get this jewel. Soak up Theresa’s brilliant tips. Your relationships, both personal and business, will flourish.” ~ Beth Owl’s Daughter

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