In a typical tarot session, clients will often ask about their jobs – especially when they are looking for a new one.  Usually the question is: “will I get a job?”

While this is a valid inquiry, it may not be the most empowering approach.  A yes/no  question simply lays out a prediction without helpful strategies. For example, if the answer is a negative, the client may feel like they need to give up when in some cases they may simply need to change their approach in order to land the job they want.

A good tarot reader may be able to offer you some better worded questions,  but it’s also important for you to come into your reading prepared with some effective questions that put you in a more proactive position with your job search.


Here are a few to consider:

What can I do to make myself more attractive to prospective employers?

What can I expect at the interview?

What possibilities for growth can I expect at this job?

I’m torn between two offers – which one seems like the most beneficial position?

Why didn’t I get the job?

What am I doing consciously or unconsciously to sabotage my job search?

How can I make a favorable impression at the interview?

What can I do to better prepare myself for interviews?

How might going back to school benefit my employment possibilities?

How can I make the most of where I am at currently until I get a better job?

How is my resume helping or hindering me?

What do I need to know about my job search?

What will be my biggest challenge in my job search?

What can I expect should I decide to become self employed?

Is there a new path that would be better suited for my talents?

My company is downsizing. What does that mean for me?

Where can I get more support or training during this time?

How will this job impact my life?

I’m reentering the work force after a period of time off – what do I need to know about the current market?


Job searching is rarely an easy process.  Often it is tedious and a bit scary.  But with questions like these, you can walk away from your reading with a clear cut plan of action.  And then, rather than feeling powerless to the whims of the job market, you will be putting yourself in a better position to find the right job.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2012

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