Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

A Solar Eclipse in Cancer arrives on July 12th, 2018 at 10:48 PM EDT. Eclipses bring change. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so this particular eclipse promises to be INTENSE. Emotions run high today and everyone has a case of the feels. Sensitivity is needed. Bring awareness to your feelings as well as the feelings of others. The more empathic you are, the better. This is not the day to disregard what others are going through or how they may react to their situations.

Because of the placement in Cancer, themes around motherhood, families, and home may be a theme. This day could bring a change in the family. Something may be evolving. Someone may leave the home or a new member of the family may enter the picture. It’s also possible that this day could mark a move to a new home – or the beginning of a home renovation. This would be an ideal day for decluttering, cleaning, and decorating. If your home has fallen into disarray, focus on creating order. Set an intention around new housekeeping habits – and then stick to them.

It’s also the perfect day for sorting out family drama. Deal with issues that have been lingering. Set a firm boundary with a loved one. Think about what you want your family life to feel/look like – and then make decisions that will support you in creating the family life you desire. If you have been holding on to old family-of-origin stories, choose to let those go once and for all. Focus on the future and the legacy you want to create instead.

Also: this eclipse might be fabulous for ancestor work! Light a candle for loved ones who’ve passed. Cook a meal that your grandmother used to make. Serve it to your family but also set out a place for those who have gone to the other side. Honor the good parts of your past and begin laying the groundwork for a healthy, happy legacy. Above all, strive to be the kind of ancestor your family will love to talk about for generations to come.

On the world’s stage, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer puts families and women’s issues on the front burner. These issues may determine what’s coming down the road – politicians would be wise to think long and hard about what women want and families need going forth.

And here’s some mini Solar Eclipse in Cancer Tarot Readings using the Vampirella Tarot!

Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018 - and mini tarot readings for each zodiac sign

Aries: Two of Wands – You’ve reached an important milestone. give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Set new intentions for the future.

Taurus: Three of Pentacles – If you want to accomplish big goals, you need a good team. Surround yourself with the very best. Then: get to work.

Gemini: Two of Pentacles – You’ve been in the midst of a financial juggling act. Make money decisions with care. Stick to a damn budget.

Cancer: The World – Success at last! A major goal is complete. You’ve done a great job! Celebrate your success.

Leo: Knight of Cups – Love is in the air. A new paramour may arrive. Or perhaps it’s time for you to make your move, hotshot.

Virgo: The Sun – Your creative fire burns strong today. Make art, express yourself, live your life full-on. Expect the best now.

Libra: Six of Wands – Keep going. You’re heading towards a sweet victory. Don’t look back. The future is too bright for that.

Scorpio: Nine of Pentacles – All that hard work is paying off. Collect your rewards. You’ve more than earned them.

Sagittarius: Eight of Pentacles – It’s easy to get lost in your work when it’s something you love doing. This day is productive as heck – plus enjoyable.

Capricorn: Eight of Cups – Move on. Been there, done that. Why stay where you’re at when the world has more to offer. Explore possibilities.

Aquarius: Justice – A situation will be resolved fairly. No matter what the outcome may be, trust that it is the right thing.

Pisces: Eight of Swords – You’re only as stuck as you think you are. Look at how you’ve created this situation and you’ll see how to release yourself.



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