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by Theresa Reed on February 13, 2017

soul proprietor

Recently, I was struggling with that same old issue that always dogs me: boundaries. It’s been a life lesson and has often shown up in my business.

This time, it centered around a new policy I created last year. It was a simple one designed to make me feel safe. Yet some people (complete strangers, mind you) decided that they didn’t like the policy.

So they pushed back.

They wanted an explanation.

From there, they wanted an exception. It resorted to haggling. Anyone who knows me knows one thing: I despise haggling.

When I wouldn’t budge, I got snide remarks as they flounced off.  Wow. Just wow.

I have to admit, it got under my skin. I didn’t understand why, when a business owner sets a policy, someone thought it was negotiable. I dunno…if I see a policy, I respect that. I honor boundaries. I expect people to do the same with mine.

I wasn’t finding that to be the case. It was happening more than I’d like.  Enter Randi Buckley, creator of Healthy Boundaries for Kind People and Healthy Boundaries for Business.  I’ve taken her courses before and they were excellent.

But it appeared as if I needed a refresher.

I had a one-on-one session with Randi and she helped me to understand what was happening – and gave me tips to firm up my boundaries. My “explanation” thing needed to go out the window. As Randi so sagely said: “Explanations equal negotiation.”

I never realized that. BAM!

Thanks to that one session, I’ve gathered myself and am ready to flex my courage muscles the next time someone tries to push back. It ain’t happening. <sigh of relief>

Moral of this story: sometimes you need support in your business. Even old dawgs like me find ourselves getting perplexed and confounded by certain situations. When that happens, it’s important to reach out to people who can steer you right or fix the issue.  Whether this be a tech problem, email issue, marketing flop, or client drama, there are people out there who can help you.

Do not be afraid to ask for support in your business.

Because we all need a little help from time to time from our friends. It’s how good, sane business is done.



Wanna work with Randi? If boundaries are an issue, you should. Check out Healthy Boundaries for Kind People and Healthy Boundaries for Business as well as her one-on-one offerings. You’ll be glad you did. (No, I’m not an affiliate and these are not affiliate links – I’m just a fan.)

© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

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