Soulful Proprietor Retreat

Soulful Proprietor Retreat

A one-day business extravaganza for mystics, mediums, coaches, healers and other
Chief Executive Oracles. Live and in person.

October 3, 2015. Milwaukee.

Feeling financially constipated?

Having an entrepreneurial identity crisis (“Who ammm I?!”)?

Got way too many ideas, but having trouble deciding which ones to pursue?

Struggling to figure out this whole “marketing” thing?

Just plain overwhelmed by everything on your business to-do list?

Whether you are a passionate business newbie or a seasoned pro, it is vital to step out of your daily grind from time to time. It is so important to take time to catch your breath, quiet the noise, get clear, and chart your next move.

You can do this kind of strategic planning work alone — and for some folks? That’s just the ticket.

But in my personal opinion, it is a LOT more fun (and productive!) to work on your business when you’re surrounded by music, candles, chocolate, Instagram-worthy food, Tarot decks, and smart people who get you, care about you, have resources to share with you… and want to see you succeed!

Sound like your kind of party?

Then consider this your official invitation to join me for…

The Soulful Proprietor Retreat: 2015



The Soulful Proprietor Retreat is a one-day business planning retreat in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s geared towards heart-centered business owners and service providers.

Tarot readers, astrologers, mediums, Reiki practitioners, yoga instructors, life coaches with a spiritual bent… this is your shindig.

It happens in Fall 2015 so that you can map out your biz plan for 2016. No scrambling to get your shit together at the last minute! You’ll be gliding into the new year like a pro.



My promise:

You will walk out of The Soulful Proprietor Retreat with a clear, specific, month-by-month business plan for 2016.

What to do. When to do it. All tailored around what’s happening in the cosmos next year — because aligning your biz with the stars? Always a smart move!

I will be your business mentor and MC for the day.

You can look forward to…

– Guided meditations to unlock creativity (and spark new product and service ideas!)

– Chilled out yoga routines to un-crink those achey laptop muscles (no previous yoga experience required)

– Tarot games and spreads to help you identify hidden opportunities, generate blogging topics, and find solutions to issues that have been choking your progress.

– Round-table business coaching. With only 8 people in the room, we can take our sweet time and ensure that everybody gets some personalized time in the love seat. No frenzied rush.

– Three square meals including a celebratory dinner at WolfPeach, the hippest spot in town. (Their charcuterie board turns my entire face into a happy emoticon… yum!)

Danish Kringle Pastry in a white dish on a red tablecloth

– Warm, flaky Kringles — a local delicacy! Buttery pastries topped with maple glaze and pecans… um, totally worth a trip to Milwaukee JUST FOR THESE.

– Swag bags filled with crystals, candles, and all manner of mystical awesomeness.

– Community, sisterhood, and warm support — before, during and after the retreat.


It’s all happening at Inner Divinity Yoga Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — a beautiful space with tons of happy, healing energy. (I know: I teach yoga there every week!)


The big day is Saturday, October 3, 2015.

We kick off at 8am. We wrap up at 5pm. You’ll have some time to unwind or kick back with a celebratory glass of wine. Then… we cap off the day with a luxurious farewell dinner at 7pm!


Fly or drive into the fine city of Milwaukee — recently named one of the top 10 most exciting cities in America!

Rent a car, get a cab, or take shuttle from the airport to your hotel of choice. (I recommend The Astor Hotel — a 1920s charmer that’s close to the lakefront and very affordable.)

On the day of the retreat — Saturday, October 3, 2015 — you will be picked up from your hotel in the AM and whisked away to the retreat venue. At the end of the evening, you will be safely dropped back at your hotel for a good night’s rest. No worries. No hassles. We’ll take good care of you.

All you need to do is… book a ticket + get yourself to Milwaukee!


The Soulful Proprietor Retreat is going to be an intimate soiree. Just 8 participants.  


Your ticket includes three square meals, a stellar swag bag, all retreat materials (notebook, pen, business planning worksheets, audio meditations to re-play later) and, of course, tons of love, attention and guidance from your host: yours truly.

Ready to book a ticket? Hell YEAH! Your purchase is non-refundable, so please purchase mindfully. If for some very sad reason you can’t make it to the event, you can donate your ticket to one of the young, rising entrepreneurs in my Tarot Brainery mentoring circle, or a friend of your choice.


Option 1. $450
Option 2. $850

Book a ticket PLUS get an Entrepreneurcast: a 12-month astrology and Tarot-powered business forecast for 2016 customized around your birth chart.

Your Entrepreneurcast includes: Auspicious dates to mark in your calendar. Red flags to avoid. Big business themes to focus on. Answers to your biggest burning questions… all bundled together in a handy reference booklet.

I will deliver your booklet to you in September 2015 so that you’ve got a few weeks to peruse and contemplate before the retreat, where we’ll go into strategic-planning mode. Then, after the retreat, you get a 30-minute Tarot reading (via phone) to address any follow up questions that might arise. Booyah!

This is the Cadillac package: everything you need to plan wisely, maximize your efforts, and take your biz to the next level in 2016!


Any questions about The Soulful Proprietor Retreat? Hit me up. Happy to help.

See you in Milwaukee!


What some of our attendees from last year’s had to say:

“I needed to get my money mind right, especially in my business, so I attended the Soulful Proprietor Retreat. Theresa Reed blew my mind, and that shouldn’t surprise me because I take advantage of almost everything she offers. She. Is. The. BEST! And, in person, her energy is magnified. It’s like the difference between the radio and a live concert. She has an amazing vibration.

Theresa taught me tools and techniques to raise my business to a whole new level. She freely shared her secret business formulas and philosophies. She even gave me some one-on-one attention to tweak my site.

I loved being extravagantly pampered… from the facebook group, to a treat before I arrived, to the jaw dropping swag bag, to the beautiful location, to the delicious and delightful nourishment, to the just-right number of attendees, to the work book and digital take-aways, to the perfect choice of other speakers. All amazing! I still can’t get over it.

Attending The Soulful Proprietor Retreat has shifted my mystical mentoring business-plan, and now I am so on track, expecting an abundant uprising.”

“This was an intimate and deeply satisfying retreat. There was a beautiful mix of business and ceremony, the mystical and the practical. Morning yoga awakened and readied me to optimally absorb the days’ materials. The overall vibe was grounded, allowing for more inspiration and ideas to flow. Although I was one of the only women who didn’t read tarot or do astrology, I loved this group. The generosity and support and well-wishing was ever-present…a tribute, I believe to the integrity and commitment of Theresa and the guest speakers. There was so much love and care (and great swag), and the kinds of new friendships and connections that one goes to these events hoping for. It was divine.” Lisa Claudia Briggs, Intuitive Guide and Mentor,

“I wasn’t going to attend the Soulful Proprietor workshop because… of every excuse. I couldn’t afford it, I didn’t have time, I didn’t need it, blah blah blah. Theresa posted that she was nearly sold out, and I made my reservations immediately. It was exactly what I needed. It was healing, challenging and seriously fun. I have an army of good friends, led by a badass general- all of whom I KNOW have my back. This is a great thing, and I’m honored to have been a part of it.” – Melissa,

“The Soulful Proprietor Retreat truly lives up to its tagline of “Where spiritual outlaws learn how to make an income.” The event is intimate, allowing for safe and sacred space, because sometimes the only way to breakthrough blocks is to break down first. Fantastic speakers, one-on-one time, and you leave the retreat with 20 other soul-sister BFFs. If you think money and metaphysics are opposites, let’s get this straight: you don’t have to choose.” — Hilary Parry, professional card reader, writer, and editor,

“Theresa Reed’s Soulful Proprietorship Retreat was a HUGE SUCCESS for me. From the time I stepped into The Dekoven Center to the moment I left Wisconsin I was treated like a rock star. The classes gave me tangible goals and numbers and things to work on for moving my writing, editing, and tarot business forward. The other attendees helped me create new ideas and understood what I was going through in combining three unrelated areas of work into an integrated soul-ful body of work that honors me. I left filled to the brim with ideas, a whole mastermind of women willing to stand behind me as I work towards my goals, and a newfound energy and passion for doing what I do best. Thank you Theresa for putting on such an amazing event!” ~ Jaymi Elford, and

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