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Astrologers like to look at patterns. We’ve already explored chart patterns and hemispheres – today, we’re looking at elemental strength or weakness.

What does that mean, you ask?

It’s simply examining how many Fire, Air, Earth or Water signs are dominant…or not…in an astrology chart.

If there is a predominant element, that will give you a clue to the personality. A missing or weak element is also important as it may indicate deficiency.

For example, someone with a chart full of Fire signs but little Water might indicate a passionate, dominating personality with little empathy for others while a dominant Water chart with little to no fire might indicate an emotional type with little motivation.

But keep this in mind about weak elements: sometimes it’s not obvious. I find that some people, myself included, will overcompensate or seek out people with the “missing element” to complete themselves.

I have no Fire in my chart, save for my Midheaven, which is 0º Leo. I’m extremely fiery by nature and ambitious to the core.  Many people assume I’m an Aries!  I also surround myself with Fire signs or people with strong Fire elements in their chart. My favorite people are Moon in Aries types. See how that works out?


Another interesting nugget comes from astrologer Bob Marks who says this:

“If a planet happens to be the only one in an element, quality, or house type, that planet is a Singleton and it can funnel all of the “energy” of the horoscope. This planet is often the most important one in the horoscope. In other words, if you just interpret the position of this one planet by sign, house, and aspect, you will get to the “heart of the horoscope”. The effect is the same as if that planet were the only one on one side of the chart.”

He goes on to list some interesting examples (including cult leader Jim Jones!).

Got it?

A “well balanced” chart would have about 3-4 of each element present.

A “strong” element would have 5 or more planets in the same element.

A “weak” element would have one or zero planets in an element.

To determine this, you’ll need to look at the planets plus the Ascendant and Midheaven (cusp of the 10th house).

Strong Fire: passionate, confident, assertive, impulsive, independent, active, enthusiastic, bold
Weak Fire: lazy, unmotivated, apathetic, passive, lethargic, uninterested, fearful, timid

Strong Earth: practical, grounded, down-to-earth, methodical, persistent, stable, steady, constructive
Weak Earth: disorganized, impractical, unproductive, ungrounded, unreliable, unstable, inefficient, unrealistic

Strong Air: intellectual, adaptable, curious, logical, detached, talkative, cerebral, articulate
Weak Air: disconnected, fragmented, scattered, uncommunicative, lack of objectivity, foolish, indifferent

Strong Water: sensitive, emotional, caring, moody, empathic, intuitive, nurturing, passive, perceptive, psychic, impressionable, sentimental
Weak Water: cold, unemotional, controlled, unresponsive, closed off, lack of empathy, heartless, thick-skinned, indifferent, calculated

Don’t assume the negative traits are set in stone. Remember: people have free will!  Not everyone with a lack of Fire is lazy (I’m a workaholic). These traits show tendencies, period. But it’s up to us to recognize those tendencies and work against the negative. Here are some ways to do just that:

Remedy for weak Fire: find something to be passionate about, spend time with fiery people, work on motivation and follow through. Get lots of physical activity (even sex).

Remedy for weak Earth: ground and center. Work on organization and good habits. Spend time with down-to-earth people. Garden, get a feel for the earth, spend time in nature.

Remedy for weak Air: stimulate your intellectual side with reading, travel, examining current events, spending time with brainy folk. Get as much education as possible.

Remedy for weak Water: get involved in a good cause, explore mystical subjects, music and art as therapy, spend time with sensitive people. Find someone to nurture (critters count). Watch drama. Hug it out.

Let’s look at former president Barack Obama’s chart for an example:

Star School Lesson 15: Elements - Strength and Weakness

Sun – Leo – Fire
Moon – Gemini – Air
Mercury – Leo – Fire
Venus – Cancer – Water
Mars – Virgo – Earth
Jupiter – Aquarius – Air
Saturn – Capricorn – Earth
Uranus – Leo – Fire
Neptune – Scorpio – Water
Pluto – Virgo – Earth
Ascendant – Aquarius – Air
Midheaven – Scorpio – Water

Fire: 3
Air: 3
Water: 3
Earth: 3

Now that is one BALANCED dude. Wowza!


Take a peek at Kim Kardashian’s chart. What’s strong? What’s weak? How balanced is she?



What might any of this have to say about her?

Homework! Grab your chart and count ’em up. What are the dominant elements in your chart? Weakest? Anything missing? What might this reveal to you?

Next month, I’ll be tackling strongest and weakest qualities. Yep, more counting!

But until then…

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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