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In the next part of our Star School series, we will be going over the outer planets. This will give a basic understanding of how the planets operate in different signs.

In this lesson, we’ll cover Jupiter.

Star School Lesson 18: Jupiter in the natal chart

Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion. This is where you have fortune galore and loads of talent. It’s where you’re abundant as heck. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the cosmos and where he shows up in your chart, is where you can go big too.

Let’s go through the signs and discover where you’re a lucky duck.  (Remember – the house it’s in is also important. In future lessons we will be going through the houses and planet placement. But for now, this will hold ya.)

Aries – This placement gives leadership potential and the ability to innovate. If you’ve got Jupiter in Aries, you’re a bold original and creative as can be. You’re not content to be one of the herd – you want to be out in front, exploring new frontiers. Your spirit is enterprising, pioneering, and brave! It blesses you with oodles of confidence and the personality to sway others to your good cause. Sometimes this position can be a bit pompous and self-important. You’ll want to keep that ego in check or others may feel resentful. Your luck comes in adventures, taking risks, starting new things, and being courageous. Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp have this placement. Che Guevara had it too!

Your Jupiter superpower: originality and the ability to inspire others.

Taurus – Jupiter in Taurus is awesome for money matters. For one, you’ll have the capacity to make money. For two, you might not be so bad at managing it either. I call this the “law of attraction” placement – you have the ability to be a money magnet! But that being said, it’s important to recognize that money is energy and doesn’t truly belong to us. Sharing your bounty is a must. Avoid becoming too acquisitive or greedy, two traits that can arise when this Jupiter goes bad. Give as well as you get and you’ll always get more. Your Universe is an abundant one. John Lennon, Vladimir Putin, and Courtney Love have Jupiter in Taurus.

Your Jupiter superpower: you can attract what you need.

Gemini – When Jupiter is in Gemini, it bestows the individual with a keen mind and a love of philosophy. Your curiosity is intense. You want to know everything about everything. Which means: you’re a walking encyclopedia and a perpetual student. With Jupiter in Gemini, you’ll never stop learning – or sharing what you know. This is a natural placement for teachers, writers, journalists, linguists, social commentators, historians, or marketers. The intelligence is heightened and you may be adept in more than one field. You may even speak more than one language because it comes so natural. Watch out for a tendency to spread yourself too thin, which can lead to becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. In lesser developed types, this placement can produce a vicious gossip. Jupiter in Gemini celebs include Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, and author JK Rowling.

Your Jupiter superpower: a brilliant mind and a silver tongue.

Cancer – This is the best placement for Jupiter. It’s exalted in Cancer which usually means a good upbringing and a generous, kindly nature. You’ll always be able to attract help when you need it most and you’re also the one most likely to help out anyone else in need. As parent, no one is better. You protect you kids and love them deeply. Your home is warm and inviting, even if your means are modest. Food is your main thing – you may love to eat but also to cook. If you wanted to, you could make a living through food. This placement gives a talent with cooking but also with real estate. You also have a way of getting money from the family – either through an inheritance or simply asking dear old dad for a loan. One thing’s for sure: you always land on your feet and find a place to rest your head when needed. Taylor Swift, Steve Jobs and Jennifer Lawrence are Jupiter in Cancer peeps.

Your Jupiter superpower: you’re a caretaker and the Universe wants to make sure you’re taken care of too.

Leo – In sunny Leo, Jupiter loves to go to extremes. This placement produces an optimistic and cheery nature – and one that leans towards extravagance and indulgence. Everything you do, you do in a big way. You’re generous to a fault and expect to be recognized for your contributions. That’s because the ego tends to be a bit oversized too. You enjoy pomp and circumstance – a lavish party where you’re the center of attention is heaven to you! Even your spiritual life needs a bit of flash – grand rituals, smoky incense, and soaring music moves you. Jupiter in Leo is excellent for leaders. You can inspire people to do great things. If only you can remember to rein in that pride. As the saying goes: pride goeth before the fall. You’ll fall less if you look down long enough to remember the little guy. This placement is quite good for teachers or anyone who works with children. You’re a big kid at heart and more than anyone, you remember what it’s like to be a kid. Jupiter in Leo can be remarkably lucky with gambling. You can win big – and lose big if you have this placement. Jupiter in Leo is also quite good for entertainers. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards both have this placement!

Your Jupiter superpower: a big personality that can entertain or inspire.

Virgo – Jupiter is not a happy camper in Virgo. Here, the planet is in it’s detriment, which means the energy isn’t functioning well. Remember: Jupiter wants to expand but Virgo wants to fret over the details. This placement produces a good work ethic, excellent critical faculties, and a desire to serve. But sometimes this can lead to the workaholic, who is unwilling to delegate. This can lead to overwork or the whole perfectionist “if you want something done right, do it yourself” mindset. Which naturally will piss people off so they tell you to shove it and do the job yourself. If you have this placement, you may be concerned with design, order, and cleanliness.  If you work in hospitals, charitable or educational institutions, you’re in your element. Learn to relax a little, eh? Celebrities with Jupiter in Virgo include Julia Roberts, Kim Kardashian, and Channing Tatum.

Your Jupiter superpower: a strong work ethic and the ability to fix any problem.

Libra – When placed in Libra, Jupiter tends to put a strong focus on justice and relationships. You can see this even in the very young – this is the kid who is concerned that everyone gets an equal amount of ice cream. You want fairness for all! This consideration means you are probably popular. Jupiter in Libras are the peace-makers and diplomats, the lawyer or human rights activist, the social butterfly who knows where all the best clubs are. You’re a people person – which makes you a natch for public relations, sales, match making, and any sort of work that requires bringing people together. Because you have a knack for people, you are rarely without partners or admirers. While this placement produces a pleasing personality, you must be careful that they are not so focused on others that you neglect you own needs. The disease to please only serves to leave you lonely, even when surrounded by a crowd of fans. Prince, Ryan Gosling, and Marilyn Manson have this placement.

Your Jupiter superpower: everybody loves you.

Scorpio – This placement of Scorpio gives business acumen and talent with finances – and sex. It’s also mystical as can be. Deep instincts and a penetrating insight means you’re nobody’s fool. Your bullshit detector is on point. This gives you the ability to ferret out secrets from even the most tight-lipped. The best detectives and psychologists have this placement. This is also a placement that LOVES excess. The bigger, the badder, the better. There may be an interest in the occult and mystical side of things too. Tarot cards, bending spoons, telepathy – you’re a natural for that sort of thing. Sometimes Jupiter in Scorpio can indicate an inheritance. In other cases, extreme sexiness. In worst case scenarios (poorly aspected charts), it can indicate a person who manipulates others. David Bowie had this placement. So did Charles Manson, Aleister Crowley and Ted Bundy.

Your Jupiter superpower: natural psychic abilities and you’re hot. Use that for good, please.

Sagittarius – I love this placement of Jupiter! Here, Jupiter expands the philosophical outlook and often creates a world traveler. Even if you don’t manage to see the world, you’ll still develop a broad and expansive view of the world. The intellectual nature is also big, curious. And integrity? You have it in spades. Sagittarius is a truth seeker and Jupiter loves to expand that energy – people with this placement tend to have good moral compasses. You want to do the right thing by everyone. The only rub though – sometimes Jupiter here can produce people who want to convert others to their belief system. You’ll have to watch out for a tendency to be self-righteous and narrow minded, the flip side of this placement. Jupiter in Sagittarius peeps are interested in foreign cultures and higher education. If you have a child with this placement, let them study abroad. It will help them to develop an understanding of how the other half lives. Robert Redford, Snoop Dogg, and Stevie Nicks have their Jupiter here.

Your Jupiter superpower: truth and a love of philosophy.

Capricorn – Jupiter isn’t happy in Capricorn. The expansive energy of Jupiter is restrained with the conservative nature of Capricorn. Although the individuals with this placement are often good, moral, upstanding citizens, they can get stuck in ruts or worse yet, may try to tell others how to live. Traditional values are important to them and if poorly aspected, they can be rather rigid in their outlook – and insistence on adherence to the rules. In some cases, this can produce a person who wants power or status. The career politician or corporate big shot who is interested in work first, family second is the perfect example. Power and wealth can be obtained with Jupiter in Capricorn but at what price? If these types don’t learn how to open their hearts and place people first, they often end up wealthy but alone. As the saying goes: it’s lonely at the top. If you have this placement, you’ll want to work on softening your tone. By all means, go for the top dog position but don’t forget to think about others. Work on being generous. Do that and you’ll be the beloved leader.  Adolf Hitler, Caitlin Jenner, and Mark Zuckerberg both have this placement.

Your Jupiter superpower: power and focus. If used properly, you can rule the world – in a good way.

Aquarius – Unlike Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius types are open-minded as can be. You have friends from all walks of life and tend to be impartial and democratic in your outlook. Like Jupiter in Libra, you want everyone to get a fair deal. This placement brings a wide social circle, a tolerant mindset, and a deep interest in humanitarian issues. If you have this placement, you may also be interested in far out things such as ahem..astrology! Jupiter in Aquarius likes the unusual, innovative, funky stuff. Weird turns you on. You are the first to discover all the cool stuff. The new ideas and best scientific or tech stuff are your domain. Looking to reform the world? Join forces with these Jupiter in Aquarius folks. They are the ones who are way ahead of their time. Barack Obama, Helena Blatvatsky, and Albert Einstein have this placement.

Your Jupiter superpower: brains, independence, and innovation.

Pisces – The finest musicians and artists I have ever met have had this placement. Jupiter in Pisces produces kind, sensitive creatures. If you have Jupiter in Pisces, you are emotional to the core and deeply in touch with you feelings. You care about others….almost too much. Which means you are often a sucker for unscrupulous types. This placement bestows many gifts on the individuals who are lucky enough to have this in their chart. Everyone of them possesses mystical and musical abilities. Some talk to angels. Others can see the future with eerie accuracy. You might even find a musical prodigy with this placement. When the world gets too harsh, Jupiter in Pisces peeps may retreat to seclusion. That could be through a place of worship, or in some cases, the bottom of a bottle of cheap wine. It’s important for them to face reality and not turn to escapism. When they do that, they thrive and lift up everyone around them. When they choose to run, they never live up to their full potential. Celebrities with this placement include Lady Gaga, Billie Holiday, and Stevie Wonder.

Your Jupiter superpower: a deep creative well to draw from and a large capacity for love.

Homework! Grab your chart and look up your Jupiter. Where are you lucky, punk? What about your friends and family? Check ’em out too!

Next month, we’re going to focus on everyone’s most hated planet, Saturn! Psst…it’s actually my favorite planet. You’ll find out why.

But until then…

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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