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In the next part of our Star School series, we will be going over the personal planets. This will give a basic understanding of how the planets operate in different signs.

This month, we will cover the Moon.

Star School Lesson 6: The Moon

The Moon rules our emotional world.  Not only how we express our feelings but also our deep emotional needs.  It reflects how we respond to others and the world around us.  It indicates our reactions, habitual patterns, and instincts as well as the subconscious.

The Moon rules your mother and your relationship with her – as well as how you parent.

In a man’s chart, it can give clues to what they need in a partner.  In a woman’s chart, I look at the Mars for that.  I use the same rules in a chart for a homosexual. (That being said: I’m doing some research on transexuals and the whole Moon/Mars partner thing. If you are trans, I’d like to talk to you.)

Once you know your Moon, you might have an idea of your emotional makeup. This is also handy to know for your relationships as well because it can help you understand your partner better.  For example, I have a Moon in Scorpio. My daughter has her Moon in Taurus.  If you have paid attention to previous lessons, you’ll notice our Moons are opposites and both in Fixed signs.  What does that mean?  She’s placid and down to earth while I tend to be a bit on the intense side – and we’re both stubborn as hell.  We like to get our way. We’ve had to learn how respect each other’s feelings and allow for cooling off time when we are both digging our heels in the sand and trying to be “right.”

We’ll cover compatibility in future lessons but do peek at people’s Moons because it can help you get where they are coming from and learn how to work with their nature.

Keep in mind these descriptions are very short and just enough to get you started.  I have a list of recommended resources at the end of this post to help you dig in more deeply to all this lunar stuff. I will also be adding more thoughts to this page over time – so check back from time to time to see what new stuff I might have added.

Aries – The Aries Moon is a straightforward one. You’ll never guess how you feel with these types – they let you know immediately.  The emotional nature is passionate, driven, and candid.  Aries Moon people are restless and bold – they thrive on adventure.  When they are operating at their highest, no one is more courageous. But when they sink into low-vibe, no one is more selfish.  Like the Leo Moon, this can lean to a “me first” attitude and that ego stuff needs to be contained.  The Aries Moon person needs to learn how to put others first – when they do that, they are the Knights in Shining Armor that will be the first responder when things take a crap. Moon in Aries people tend to have a short fuse although they seem to get over it quickly.

Children with Aries Moon must be taught to not be emotionally impulsive. They need to learn to think responsibly before they act. Parents would be wise to also keep these kids busy with physical activities because blowing off steam does them good.

Parents with the Aries Moon can be protective but they can also be the parent who pushes the child to do stuff they don’t want to do.  Picture the former football coach dad screaming at his kid for making a bad play.  THAT.  Aries Moon parents must remember to put the child’s needs above their own.

Men with an Aries Moon like a take-charge, independent partner – and they enjoy a challenge.  This is the “swagger” Moon after all – they dig that conquest stuff. If a partner is too clingy, these types tend to go into “emotional unavailable mode” quicker than beans on rice.  Know when to back the hell off.  Remember: these are macho types – they can act tough when emotionally threatened.  Don’t push your luck.

Taurus – A Taurus Moon is considered the best one to have.  Here, the Moon is “exalted”, operating in its finest mode. Moon in Taurus people are gentle by nature, kindly and patient. They need security and to be surrounded by things and people that make them feel safe. You can tell them anything – they’re steady as a rock and unlikely to get flustered.  That is, until you overstep the boundaries and touch their belongings. Then they get mad as a bull, stubborn to the point of unmovable, and unreasonable?  Yep…that too.

Parents with a Taurus Moon child need to make sure the child feels secure. Routines and lots of affection make them calm. They are good kids but they can have a tendency to dominate the household – boundaries need to be taught.

A parent with the Taurus Moon tends to be reliable and old fashioned.  This is the “cookie baking” parent who always has a hug at the end of the day. These parents can have trouble with changing times though and must be willing to allow their children a little breathing room to be themselves.

Men with a Taurus Moon can be a jealous type – they like security in their relationships.  They also like someone that they can provide for or protect.  They can be great partners but if you don’t like the possessive type, you may find them a bit much. Make them feel secure and they’ll treat you well. (Psst…they love a good meal.)

Gemini – The Gemini Moon is a restless one. Here, the feelings become superficial or covered over with wit + intellect. This makes for a charming individual but not a very deep one.  The emotions are changeable – these people can be mad as a hornet one minute but blow it off very quickly. They don’t wallow in things – they prefer to move on to the next thing.  There is a tendency to sweep problems under the rug but this leads to misunderstandings with loved ones. If you get them to “talk it out”, they are usually fine. Moon in Gemini people can be clever but they can also become capricious and dishonest – or unable to be empathic if they choose to go with the negative aspects of this placement.

Parents with a Gemini Moon child must be mindful that they allow the child to express feelings but also to understand empathy.  They must learn not to cover up how they feel with wit.

A Gemini Moon parent is fun and may focus a lot of attention on the child’s intellectual development. They must be careful to not put all the attention on the intellect and learn to let the kid be a kid.

Men with the Moon in Gemini need mental stimulation in their relationship.  The ability to communicate and a quick mind are big turn-ons. If you’re smart, you’ve got a good head start. Above all, don’t be boring.  Psst…he uses words to avoid emotional closeness at time. His favorite trick? Diverting when things get too heated. Look at what the cat is doing!  Yeah…that.

Cancer – This is a sentimental, sensitive Moon. In fact, the Moon is very happy here because Cancer is ruled by the Moon!  Moon in Cancer people are the nurturers of the zodiac.  They love to have someone to fuss over.  Intuitive and caring, they tend to go with their feelings. The heart rules the head, always. Like Taurus Moons, security is important to these gentle folk and they will tend to surround themselves with things or people that make them feel safe.  They’re collectors (in extreme cases, they have a tendency to hoard).

Family is important to them – in fact, it’s everything. Moon in Cancer people also tend to hold on to the past – they love to talk about days gone by. One warning: they can be moody so do expect that there will be times when they are not easy to live with. Sulky, crabby + clingy are also typical.

Parents with the Moon in Cancer are loving and protective. They will generally take outstanding care of their children.  This is the parent to have when you’re sick!

Moon in Cancer children need a parent who is sensitive to their emotions.  These children can be shy at times – they crawl into their little shells when feeling insecure.  A parent who can make them feel safe no matter what will help them to develop good coping skills in the future. I also recommend getting a pet for a Moon in Cancer child to bring out their nurturing skills.

Men with the Moon in Cancer can be tender, devoted mates and excellent fathers.  But they are often looking for a mother instead of a mate. If you’re an earth mother type who likes to take care of a someone, this is your man. Pay attention to his relationship with his mother – it will tell you a lot about how he treats his partners. (Lesson learned the hard way with first husband!)

Leo – Leo Moon people are dramatic.  They express their feelings in a theatrical way: big, sweeping gestures and lots of pomp ‘n circumstance. They LOVE being the center of attention. This is a Moon that is actually sensitive to the core but their pride is great. They are regal for they were kings and queens in past lives – and they won’t let you forget it. When wounded, they act out with ferocity – or, more drama (they are especially good at tantrums). They demand loyalty but they give it back equally.  Leo Moon people are affectionate and they adore attention.  Give them both as often as possible and you’ll have a happy lion.  If you don’t, they’ll find someone else who will. This rule applies to both children and men with Leo Moons.

Leo Moon children thrive much better with praise than criticism and the same goes with the men. If you have a Leo Moon partner, he’s probably a big kid at heart.  Want to win that big ole heart? He appreciates being appreciated.  Flatter him.  Also remember: Leo Moon men prefers a partner who looks good on his arm – always make an effort to look your best. They want the most glam partner in the room so sloppy sweats will never do. Every Leo Moon I ever met loved receiving gifts or a fancy dinner.  (My mother had this placement and you could never give her enough prezzies or applause.)

Leo Moon parents at their best are fun parents, who enjoy being around kids.  At their worst, they are narcissistic ones, who expect the children to feed their need for attention – and they can get downright jealous if their child outshines them in any way.  A Leo Moon parent needs to learn that it’s okay for someone to share the stage with them, especially their offspring. (I’ve met some horrible stage mothers who, unsurprisingly, had this placement.)

Virgo – The Virgo Moon is not a warm, fuzzy one.  Like its Mercury ruled buddy, Gemini, the emotions tend to be second to the mind. Here, the Moon is practical and logical. These types need to analyze every thing down to the bone.  Instead of just having a feeling – they try to understand it so they can be quite obsessive when it comes to emotional situations of any sort. I often view Virgo Moon people as Mr Spock like creatures: examining the human race and all their foibles, trying to make sense of it all.

Big displays of emotions are not their thing for they are reserved but they will try to analyze those moments when you act up – or those rare times when they do.  It’s not that they don’t have feelings, it’s just contained.  This is a reserved Moon.  It takes time to get to know them but when you do, you’ll find a steadfast partner who is quite good at caretaking.  When this Moon is afflicted, it can go full on paranoid – or hypochondriac. I’ve also met a fair share of people who are clean freaks under this placement.

As parents, they may seem a bit cold but the child will always be well-cared for.  They can be overly-critical at times and need to watch that tendency.

A Virgo Moon child needs order in the home.  Give them a responsibility and they will happily get to work – these children enjoy being busy and feeling proud of a job well done.  Like a Leo Moon child, they need lots of praise but the difference here is that they will be wise enough to know when you are doing it just to make them feel good – they actually want a reason to be proud so make sure you praise them for a job well done or excellent behavior, not just for random stuff. They’re skeptics and can see right through that.

Virgo Moon men can be workaholics and they seem to do well with partners who are equally ambitious.  They are critical partners though because they are perfectionists at heart. They want everything to be perfect.  Which is why many of them remain bachelors for a long time – they won’t settle for “good enough” – they want the best. (PS always smell good around these guys – they love it!)

Libra – These Libra Moon people are romantics at heart. They LOVE being in a relationship and are happiest when they have a companion. Not just for romance, mind you, but also friends, business partners, or the neighbor down the street.  They enjoy being around people and it shows: these are the natural “people people” who are charming, easy going and understanding. Tolerant and fair, they accept people as they are.  This is what I call the “Jimmy Carter” Moon – they are diplomatic and give everyone a fair shake.

These Moon people want to make everything more beautiful and harmonious.  One problem though is that they abhor conflict – which means they will sometimes do whatever they can to keep the peace, including neglecting their own needs for everyone else’s.  Disharmony and ugliness upset them – and will make them moody and unhappy. Moon in Libra people need to believe that everything can be fixed  and they will often set about trying to do just that.

The biggest tip for raising a Moon in Libra child: do not give them too many choices for they can become overwhelmed. Also, be sure that they are not focused on “pleasing the parent” mode to the point where they are not being themselves.  They have a tendency of going along with what everyone else is doing so do keep pushing them to stand up for themselves and to have a voice of their own. Also, these children do not do well in a loud, argumentative household. They need peace and quiet so make an effort to keep it chill. They are also concerned with fairness, so don’t play favorites.  Treat everyone equal in front of them – they love that.

Libra Moon parents can be wonderful – they are generally warm and affectionate with their kidlets.  They take great pride in their children and are often the ones bragging about them, even if the child is a brat. They must be careful not to let their need for peace get in the way of good parenting – this is the parent who buys their kid that stupid toy they are screaming for just to shut them up.  While they get their peace, they also raise a monster in the process.

Next to Aries Moon, men with a Libra Moon are the easiest to bed. They are romantic, after all. But underneath that romance is someone who craves a soul mate, a partner who really “gets them” and loves to be by their side.  They hate to admit it, but they enjoy being needed.  If you can be that, you’re golden.

Scorpio – The Scorpio Moon is considered the worst one in the zodiac.  Here, the Moon is in its “fall” or basically, the suckiest position of all, unlike that so-called nice guy Moon in Taurus. It’s actually the most misunderstood placement – and that’s because Moon in Scorpio people vacillate between being emotionally red hot and completely cold. They are emotional extremists and they can leave their loved ones in total confusion.  When they love, they love hard – but they hate equally hard.  And they BROOD. Lord, do they ever! (Guilty as charged.) These are passionate people so do know that if you have one of these types in your life, they will keep you on your toes. They are all hedonists at heart – they love decadence and pleasure, which means they need to be careful around addiction.

They don’t like being seen as weak.  In fact, they are quite good at hiding their feelings when they need to.  Although they seem to share their feelings loudly, the truth is, they are actually extremely private. The deep shit – that is reserved for the very few they trust. Winning the trust of a Moon in Scorp person isn’t easy and if you ever break it, you will never get it again. In most cases, they’ll cut you off completely.  If they do keep you around, it’s never the same again. This is the most psychic Moon of all – they can see right through you and feel what you are feeling.  Which means you can’t fool them for long. They make excellent cops. The best detectives I’ve ever met have all had this placement.

As parents, the Moon in Scorpio one is the one you want by your side if you are ever in a knife fight.  They are loyal and they will always defend their brood. But they can be complete control freaks – a Moon in Scorpio parent needs to learn to let their children be themselves and not a carbon copy of themselves.

Children with a Moon in Scorpio need to be okay with expressing their feelings – even the dark ones.  Parents should take great care to allow them to talk about shit feelings without judgment.

Men with Moon in Scorpio are sexy as hell – in that brooding James Dean type of way. They need a partner who is a bit of a psychologist – able to pry those hidden feelings out into the open.  Sex is their god so get them in bed as often as possible – it will help them to loosen up a bit.  Do not ever betray their trust.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

Sagittarius – Moon in Sagittarius people are fun to be around.  They are optimistic, big-hearted, honest and funny.  It’s a friendly Moon. Often the life of the party, these types now how to be good company. They’re unflinchingly generous and are the first person to give the shirt off their back to anyone in need. They are passionate enough but, like their opposite, the Gemini Moon, they tend to be a bit restless emotionally. This Moon likes to roam. They are not the best domestic partners because they’d rather be off on some swashbuckling adventure ala Errol Flynn or discussing philosophy in some out-of-the-way beatnik cafe.   When they do manage to settle down, they will be okay provided they feel there is always a way out.  They need to feel free.

Nature is good for their nature so being in the great outdoors will often be the cure for the rare sour mood. Physical activity too.  The more the better! When afflicted, this Moon can become self-righteous.  And when they go into that mode, it’s not pretty.

Children with this placement fare better with a lot of physical activity.  Give them something to do outside and they are happy as can be. They also need to be taught responsibility at an early age for this Moon child prefers to play instead of do the work. Ethics are important to them so be sure that you are setting the right example.

Moon in Sagittarius parents tend to be easy breezy types but they can also slink into “do as I say not as I do” mode – or they can be kind of preachy. I’ve also seen plenty of deadbeat parents with this Moon – it’s that whole “I want to roam” thing in the worst expression.

Men with Moon in Sag like adventure and they need honesty.  If you keep those two things in mind, you’ll get along great. He also does not like to be controlled – if you have that tendency, you’re going to have problems with this slippery fella. He can come off as a know-it-all so if all else fails, just get him on a diatribe about some boring subject and he’ll be in his element.

Capricorn – Next to a Scorpio Moon, the Capricorn Moon is not an easy one. This is a controlling Moon and deeply reserved.  In fact, this Moon seems to have a protective wall around their heart.  Not many get in – you’ll have to scale the wall carefully.  This Moon is often seen as a “cold” one but the truth is that they are tender folk who are trying their best to protect themselves from getting hurt.

They can be pessimists, walking around with a world-weary look on their faces.  At their best, they are responsible and cool headed – the kind you want around when shit hits the fan. The are also blessed with a dry wit – some of the funniest people have this Moon placement. At their worst, they can be selfish users who only think of themselves and what they can get.  A lot will depend on their upbringing.

Although every child needs unconditional love, a Capricorn Moon child needs it the most.  They need more affection than most – give it without question, even if they act like they don’t want it.

A parent with this placement have to work at giving their kids love and sympathy.  If this is you, avoid the old “suck it up” thing – work your emotion muscles and show as much kindness as you can muster.

If you are interested in wooing a man with the Moon in Capricorn, you must earn his trust. At times, you’ll feel like your applying for a job.  You are – the job of taking care of him.  He likes to be fussed over – so fuss away.  Show him you’re reliable and that dark little heart may just open up and let you in.

Aquarius – Like a Virgo Moon, the Aquarian Moon is a logical one. Feeling are there but they are underneath a thick layer of intelligence.  They are quite loyal and make pleasant companions provided you are intellectually stimulating.  That’s because they prefer to live in the realm of ideas.  Moon in Aquarius people are idealistic folk – they strive to make the world a better place and value freedom above all else.  They are attracted to good causes and good will for all.

Which also means they are not that good at settling down – they’d rather be off fighting the good fight.  This is a noble warrior spirit and it demands plenty of space.  If you can’t give it to them, they’ll take it – and go off on freedom jaunts without thinking twice. Moon in Aquarius people need friendships and they enjoy clubs or organizations where they can hobnob with a variety of people.  This Moon is also a bit eccentric – this is the crazy old aunt who likes cats and time travel Moon.  (I always envision the “Grandma Death” character on Donnie Darko as having this Moon placement.)

Moon in Aquarian parents tend to be unconventional and may give their children a lot of freedom. They’ll focus on intellectual development and are usually pretty chill on most things.

An Aquarian Moon child is usually pretty easy going but as the teen years can become difficult.  They can have issues with authority – and parents will need to choose battles wisely, especially when it comes to their friendships. Great care must be taken that they do not fall in with the wrong companions.

An Aquarian Moon man needs a partner who can be a good friend. If you start off on that foot, you can go far with this man.  But do not hem them in – they need space.  Respect that.

Pisces – This Moon is probably the most sensitive one in the bunch.  Moon in Pisces people are deep, yo.  They have all the feels and every one of them is an artist or a psychic – maybe both.  They are kindly souls, the best kind who will go out of their way for anyone. Bleeding hearts tend to have their Moons here. These sympathetic folk are willing to sacrifice everything for someone they love – or someone in need.  This Moon produces sensitive empaths too.  They can get inside your head and heart – and know exactly what you’re going through. When this Moon is operating on an emotional high, they are optimistic hippie types who love everyone and the whole wide world but when on a low note, these peeps can become extremely depressed and slide into pity-party victim mode.

As parents, the Moon in Pisces will make extraordinary sacrifices for their offspring. This is the parent with the open door policy – no matter what, the kid can always come home. They can also be the martyr parent who never feels appreciated for all that they do – or who stays in a horrible marriage “just for the kids” and never lets them forget it.

If your child has a Moon in Pisces, be sensitive to their tender little natures. Give them plenty of creative outlets and lots of pets to nurture. Encourage their intuitive gifts and never make fun of them for showing their feelings.

For men, this is a hard Moon to have for that ultra-sensitivity doesn’t always sit well in a male body (OJ Simpson had this moon).  It can produce dependency  if he’s operating on the low scale. Moon in Pisces men have to work hard to come to terms with their emotions. When they do, they are kindly, creative partners.  What these men need is a patient partner who can bring out their sensitive natures without ridicule.  Like the Moon in Scorpio, a compassionate lover who is a bit of a therapist works best.

Homework – find your Moon but also search for family, friends, romantic partners.


I love the brilliant Sun Moon Blends from Sagittarian Mind.  This will show you how the Moon may work with your Sun.

The Moon In  Your Life – Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World by Donna Cunningham.

Moon Wisdom – Transform Your Life Using the Moon’s Signs and Cycles by Heidi Roan Robbins

The Book of the Moon by Steven Forrest.

Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring.

Moon Sign Calculator 

My favorite song about the Moon: The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen.

Next month, we’re getting away from the feels and getting all thinky – we’ll be looking at Mercury through the signs.

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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