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Last month, we talked about Venus – now it’s time to get our Mars on.

While Venus symbolizes our soft, feminine ‘n romantic side, Mars is the masculine principle: aggression, ambition, determination, and energy all fall under Mars. Sexual drive too.  It’s the initiator, what makes us go after our goals with gusto…or not. (Snips, snails, and puppy dog tails not necessary.)

Mars rules the sign Aries, and Scorpio in its negative aspect.  As you can guess, this red-hot planet is pretty intense.

Combine the Mars with the Moon and Venus – and you get an idea of how someone operates romantically.  Ex: my husband has a Moon in Aries, Venus in Libra, and Mars in Scorpio.  He’s passionate times ten with a huge dose of romantic charm. Kinda swashbuckling and a whole lotta cockiness.  Yum.  Okay…let me cut the distraction and get on with things.  Ahem.

In a woman’s chart, Mars indicates the type of partner she needs or is attracted to. And yes, I find it to be the same for both straight and gay.

Also, keep in mind – Mars is the warrior planet.  Here you can get an idea of how someone fights. Knowing that can help you determine whether you want to go to war with someone…or not.

Star School Lesson 9: Mars in the Natal Chart

Ready?  Here’s some short guidelines on how Mars operates in each signs.  To help you digest the info, I thought it might be wise to give you some archetypes.  In this case, the archetypes are characters from Game of Thrones!  Ha ha!  (I’m always looking for an excuse to sneak some GoT stuff into my work.)

Read on, martians:

Aries:  Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is quite happy here.  In fact, this may be the most positive manifestation of this planet…but not necessarily the most peaceful one.  Mars in Aries is bold, aggressive, forceful and passionate.  This fiery placement amplifies the drive and can lead to a competitive, win at all costs mindset.  When these people set their mind to something, they will go at it until they best everyone.  It’s a confident Mars, that’s for sure.

They are also super-sexual. Cocksure even. Both the men and the women like a good conquest now and then.  They are ardent and energetic lovers although they do tend to get a bit bored if they don’t have variety.  If you’re going to be partnering up with one of these hot-to-trot folks, better keep it interesting.  They need a challenge.

In a woman’s chart Mars in Aries can make her a bit dominant – but she also wants a feisty partner.  This can lead to problems in relationships if she has a weak partner that doesn’t earn her respect…or an aggressive one that challenges her.

Although they can be fierce + combative, they have one achilles heal: a tendency to get impulsive and act rashly when they are pissed. This can lead to all sorts of reckless decisions. If you can find a way to trigger that, you have a chance of besting them. Otherwise, leave ‘em alone when they are angry because the Ram can be deadly and persistent.

Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister – perfect Mars in Aries! YUM.


Taurus: This placement of Mars isn’t the best but it can produce a quietly determined personality.  The reliable rock that you can depend on to get the job done, even if it takes a lifetime to do it.  These are loyal folk – good to have on your side if you are working on a big project. Unlike the reckless, aggressive Mars in Aries, this Mars is more conservative.  They tend to think things over carefully before making a move.  Therefore, it’s not too easy to ruffle their feathers.  That being said, if they get mad – look out.  No one holds a grudge more beautifully or longer than a Mars in Taurus person.

Sexually, they are blessed for this placement tends to add a strong sensuous, romantic flair (it’s ruled by Venus after all) with lovely staying power.  This is the lover who “proves it all night.

In a woman’s chart, Mars in Taurus usually indicates a need for security.  Which means they want a partner who is stable and grounded.  If they are financially secure, it’s a bonus.

When angry, this placement can lead to brooding and extreme obstinance.  Once your Mars in Taurus person has gotten to this point, there’s no talking to them. Best to leave them be and go on about your business.  You’ll be wasting your time.  They win by holding their ground, even when they are wrong.  Let ‘em think they won while you get busy with something more productive. (PS Their stubbornness is actually their downfall. While they’re holding their grudge, you’re busy succeeding. As the saying goes: the best revenge is living well!)

Game of Thrones: Podrick – loyal to the core and steady as can be!


Gemini: Mars in Gemini adds some fire to the mind and I have to say that I have met some pretty brilliant people with this placement. My best friend has it here and she’s not only super-smart but also blessed with a razor sharp wit that can’t be matched.  Needless to say, this is why I keep her around.  Ha ha!  Anyhow…Mars in Gemini not only activates the mind, but also the mouth. These people love to talk.  And boy can they ever talk!  In fact, they can talk their way in and out of any situation.  They love secrets and juicy gossip.  Easily bored, they can sometimes flit between one big goal to another…or from one lover to another.  They need a ton of mental stimulation or they get cranky.  Which means, they can get a reputation for being flaky if they don’t find a way to rein in that restless mind.

Mars in Gemini people are sexual but that tendency to be easily bored means that they will have a hard time committing to one person. Which means you need to be pretty forgiving and understanding if you’re going to hang with these flighty folk.  It’s not that they are ever malicious…it’s just hard to pick just one when there are so many lovely, interesting temptations lurking around!  That doesn’t mean that everyone with this placement is a playboy or playgirl but they do much better if they wait for a good long spell before making a commitment.  (PS people with this placement seem to do well in polyamorous situations.)

Women with this placement need a witty, intelligent partner who gives her plenty of freedom.  If her partner gets too possessive, she’ll run like a deer.

The way they win at war: words. This is the snide character assassin, the person who can humiliate their opponent with a withering remark.  In a battle of wits, they are well armed and can outthink their opponent with ease.  Best tactic to get rid of them: be as dull as drywall. Yawn-worthy. Nothing drives them more nuts. If you’re not up for the word-battle, they’ll go on to another, more worthy adversary. (Another good way to make them batty: keep talking about yourself. Don’t let them get a word in edgewise.  Ta-da! Gone, girl.)

Game of Thrones: Varys – he’s got the snark down!


Cancer: This is one of the weakest placements for Mars although it can produce stellar parents.  The kind who’ll do anything for their kids.  Think: mother lion material.  That being said, feisty Mars is all wet in Cancer. The emotions are amplified and often get in the way.  Here, Mars becomes irritable, moody, and quarrelsome.  Jealous and possessive? Yup.  That too. Relationships are serious stuff to these peeps so if you’re going to hang with them, you better take note. Unlike Mars in Gemini, they like to mate for life – so you’ll need to bring your best domestic self forward.  This placement can be productive, provided they don’t allow emotional drama to get in the way of their aims. Their emotions drive them – to do great, heroic feats – or to self-destruct.

This is certainly a highly-sexed placement.  The energy here is receptive with a fantastic erotic imagination.  If you can tune out their nagging, this part may more than make up for it.  (A good meal works wonders on their cranky side. If you can cook, it’s a huge turn on.)

In a woman’s chart, she needs security. Just like Mars in Taurus. Give them that and they give their hearts fully.

When it comes to fighting, no one does melodrama better than them.  They can be mean too.  But here’s the kicker: when they go into that bitter, drama queen mode, they always lose.  Because no one wants to be around that shit.

Game of Thrones:  Catelyn Stark – momma lion all the way.


Leo: Mars loves to be in noble Leo.  This is the Mars of Kings and rulers.  Some of the most courageous leaders have this placement.  It adds force to the personality but unlike Aries there is a regal air which means it’s easy for them to get people behind them.  This is executive ability stuff. Want someone to lead your team to victory? Get a Mars in Leo in front and they will inspire their team until the bitter end.  They can be dominant at times and if you cross them or humiliate them in any way, they rarely forget.  They have big egos and pride is their downfall.  Which means, if you are going to be involved with them in any way, shape or form, avoid windy criticisms and focus on praise. They eat it up.

Sexually, they are passionate and affectionate.  They are flashy in the bedroom and rarely bore the lucky recipients of their affections.  That being said, they can be a tad impulsive when it comes to love and throw themselves into a relationship way too soon.  Learning to curb that tendency will save them heartache down the road.

In a woman’s chart, the partner needs to be indulgent, flattering, and dignified.  If you wish to court one of these ladies, bring out the flowers, wine and bling.  Treat ‘em like the queen that they are.

In war, Leos can do quite well. Whether going in alone or with a pack, they are fierce, tenacious, and willing to go as long as it takes until they come out on top.  Get ‘em mad and they roar! BUT here’s the deal: it’s actually easy to take them down: simply wound their ego. If they have not yet learned how to don the teflon, a little bit of humiliation and it’s all over.  Their egos can be fragile as glass, yo. (PS both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have this placement!)

Game of Thrones: Robb Stark – the King of the North…for a short time anyhow.


Virgo: Like Mars in Gemini, this placement produces great intelligence.  Cunning even.  Here, the energy is less impulsive and talkative than Gemini.  Instead, the mind is strategic.  Which means they are logical and hella disciplined.  Want someone to come in and handle all the details?  This is your man or woman.  Mars in Virgo people live for that stuff.  They like to outthink and outwit – and best yet, they can do it with total coolness.  You rarely see ‘em sweat.  Work is a god to them and most of Mars Virgo people have workaholic tendencies.  When they are in work mode, they do not like to be disturbed.  It gets under their skin.  And irritable?  Prickly as porcupine.  Try nagging them a bit and you’ll see what I mean (ironically, they love to nag).  They also tend to have strong introvert tendencies, which makes them ideal in any work that requires them to be solo for long periods of time.

Sexually, this isn’t the most exciting placement. Some astrologers find it a bit aloof.  That’s because the mind is the biggest turn on.  Start there and you can find the heart under all that armor. (Note: there is a puritanical streak in every one of them but, not surprisingly, there is also great attraction to sleaze. Cool on the outside, dirty on the inside.)

Women with the Mars in Virgo adore fellow workaholics. They deplore laziness.  They also like their partners to be clean.  Wash up for ‘em and brush your damn teeth. Take the garbage out and they are yours forever.

When it comes to battles, I never, ever mess with a Mars in Virgo.  That cool, strategic mind makes them hard to read.  And scheming?  No one does it better.  Even worse, they can pull it off while appearing weak and harmless – which makes them a formidable opponent.  A good tactic: mess up the papers on their desk. Fart in their presence. Loudly.  Better yet, find a detail-oriented task for them to obsess over.  You’ll be long forgotten and on your way to a distant horizon before they catch on!  (PS both presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have this placement!)

Game of Thrones: Littlefinger and Tyrion Lannister. Yep….they both have this devious, cunning energy – and everyone underestimates ’em both.




Libra: Although this is not considered a strong placement for Mars, I beg to differ.  Mars in Libra is concerned with justice above all – which means these people fight fair.  Diplomatic and intuitive, with a strong sense of wanting to “do the right thing”, these guys make fantastic lawyers or politicians. The best. It’s because they can easily see all sides of the coin and put themselves in other people’s shoes. They are happiest when they have a good cause to throw themselves into.  They can be tireless advocates.  When poorly aspected, they can have trouble making up their minds. Which means they will sit on the fencepost far longer than they should.  And passive aggressive?  Yup.  They can go that route when they feel they aren’t getting what they want. It’s maddening to those of us who have to be on the other side of that.

Sexually, they are passionate and charming as can be.  That charm goes far and they often have a succession of lovers as well as admirers on standby.  They do not like unpleasantness so do keep the bedroom as sparkling and attractive as possible. (Psst…keep yourself in mint condition too. They like that.)

For women, a gallant knight is what they want.  Like Mars in Leo, they love to be courted.  Bring on the romance and bring it often.  They never get sick of it.  Keep in mind that courtesy is also important.  Cruelty in any form causes them to wilt.

Because they fight fair, you may assume you can crush them.  You might but you’ll come away looking like the dick.  No one plays martyr or saint better than these.  A better tactic: don’t let them know what you’re up to. Give them as many red herrings as you possibly can.  Distract them with too many choices and they look like a flake, not a saint.

Game of Thrones: Daenerys – the chain breaker!


Scorpio: According to some, this is a negative placement for Mars.  If being formidable, sexy, intense and instinctual is a bad thing – sign me the hell up!  Here, Mars can actually thrive – that is, if the person learns how to work with this energy.  There is great ambition and determination. So much so that they will often ride roughshod over everyone that gets in their way to fulfill their goals.  They are disciplined, shrewd, and persistent.  Even a mountain won’t stop ‘em.  They have grit.  They can also be prideful and jealous – and when hurt, they turn ruthless.  Mars in Scorpios must channel their intensity into positive things.  When they do that, they change the world.  When they go the negative route, they destroy it.

In sex, no one does it better. These gals and chaps are intensely sexual. Primal even.  They have stamina and vivid erotic imaginations.  Do keep in mind if you want to keep them happy, then off to the bedroom you go.  In love, they can be downright possessive.  If you like your freedom, you’re going to need to negotiate that carefully. Any sign of disloyalty – all hell breaks loose!

Females with this placement need absolute loyalty.  They want a partner they can trust 100%.  And plenty of sex to boot.  If you’re up for the job of loving them, keep your eyes and mind – and loins – on them.

If you ever go to war with a Mars in Scorpio, you will lose.  Even if it takes a lifetime, they will get their revenge. I never, ever mess with anyone who has this placement. If you see this in someone’s chart, back away, disco lady.  Get the hell out of there! They’ve got wildfire!

Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister – burn, baby, BURN.


Sagittarius: I love this placement.  It produces a straightforward, independent personality. Mars in Sagittarius peeps are friendly, easy-going and carefree.  They are capable of getting a lot done provided they don’t feel fenced in.  They need their space – which means they don’t operate well under rules and limitations.  Instead, they prefer to follow their own rules….which are subject to change on a whim.  It’s not because they are flaky – instead, it’s because freedom is their bag.  Risk takers, every one of them, give ‘em a dare and they’ll prove you wrong, every time.  Many great athletes have this placement for it favors physical activity.  Even the ones who have zero athletic ability do better if they are engaged in some exercise every day.  It calms their nerves.

They have a strong enough sex drive but they want room.  Which means they don’t do to well with possessive types.  Like Mars in Gemini, they will often have more than one partner.  It’s not because they are ruled by their loins. Instead, they are ruled by their curiosity.

A woman with Mars in Sagittarius likes a romantic adventure along with plenty of space.  Give her as much as you can.  If she feels truly free, she’ll stay a while.  A partner who is into the outdoors or animals is a plus.

They can be quite argumentative – and if you’re going to get into with them, they will try to win through debate. They think they know something, Jon Snow. Expect blunt, self-righteous statements and lots of finger pointing.  Wind ‘em up a bit.  Dazzle them with the most outrageous and illogical statements you can. Then, watch their heads explode and chuckle a little.

Game of Thrones: Ygritte – Sag is the archer after all.



Capricorn: This is another one of my favorites Mars placements. David Bowie had it!  Ambitions are strong here and the lucky person with Mars in Capricorn is blessed with persistence and patience (and often: good bone structure).  Like the mountain goat, they will get to the top eventually, even if they have to climb impossible odds to get there.  They are all CEO material and rarely stay as underlings for long.  Instead, they prefer to be in control. It’s not that they are control freaks, mind you, it’s just that they know that they can do the job better than you.  So that’s why they do their best to get to top dog position as soon as they can.  Every one of them have managerial capabilities.  Even the rare disorganized ones.  They get shit done, period.  Mars in Capricorns are capable of taking on a ton of responsibility, and when they do, they rarely complain.  In fact, they would never want you to see them whine. They’ve got too much class for that sort of thing.  (At least, that’s what they want you to think.)

Sexually, they can be quite ardent and make wonderful, dutiful spouses.  Mars in Capricorn people can also restrain their sex drives and channel it into work when necessary.  Best way to get them into bed: bring work into bed.  Talk about your latest promotion or big idea. Ambition is their biggest turn on.

The women with this placement need an ambitious partner.  Lazy won’t do.  Like Mars in Virgo, they prefer someone who is success oriented.  If you’re a go-getter and a jet setter, you’re in behind the velvet rope.

Like Mars in Scorpio, this placement produces a strong opponent.  Remember, they are persistent.  Like pit bulls.  And they can construct elaborate schemes when they need to. In lower vibe types, they can be downright Machiavellian. Best to leave this one be – they will tire themselves out if they have nothing to bite.

Game of Thrones: Tywin Lannister – he’s the BO$$!



Aquarius: This is an intelligent placement for Mars. In brainy Aquarius, the mental faculties are sharp as a sword.  Originality, wit, and honesty sit comfortably alongside a strong determination.  This is the type of person who inspires others.  They are ambitious but their focus isn’t on personal gain – it’s about the brotherhood.  One for all and all for one might well be their motto.  Even with that, their nature is independent. They may do the thinking for the group but they also prefer to think for themselves.  They can be quite fond of their own opinions and inflexible should you challenge them on one of their lofty ideals.  When they are pushed or restrained in any way, they quickly rebel.  I have found that people with this placement often need some sort of good cause to fight.  When they have that, they are at their best.  Mars in Aquarius also has a way to turn everyone into their friends – even their enemies.  It’s because even when they are being dicks, they always have integrity about it.

Sexually, this is not the hottest placement.  The sexual energy runs through the brain first, which means mental stimulation must come first or it’s just not going to work out.  Sometimes these peeps can run hot and cold.  They can nail emotionally unavailable better than anyone. But when they do commit, they’re in for the long haul.

In a woman’s chart, freedom is going to be important to her. Honesty and intellectual rapport too.  She’s not going to be in any hurry for a commitment. She only says I do when she’s damn sure you’re worth her time.

If you find yourself in a tussle with these astro-do-gooders, know they will be stubborn opponents.  Best path: disengage.  Become super aloof.  Disappear.  They can’t have a war if only one side is fighting. Which means, if you don’t…they don’t either.

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow – all for one and one for all!


Pisces:  This is a weak placement for Mars, probably the weakest position of all. It’s like taking a cold emo shower – the sensitivity is so strong that it threatens to drown the fire.  While Mars in Pisces may amplify the intuition and compassion, it  can also bring out insecurity, indolence, and a lack of direction.  Relationships can be tricky – they may go from one failed relationship to another.  Or may lack discrimination in their choice of partners.  It’s not that they have poor taste, it’s just that they wear rose colored glasses when it comes to love. The gifts of this placement are many: creative and musical ability, a soft heart, and a kind, warm nature.  But, if the person leans to the negative, they can suffer from depression or addiction.  Drugs and alcohol are dangerous for people born under Mars in Pisces.  They are better of keeping it straight edge and channeling their sensitivity into caring for others or creative pursuits.

Mars in Pisces are sensitive lovers.  They aim to please and are extremely receptive.  Affectionate and playful, they are delightful in the sheets and easy to bed.

A woman with this placement loves the dreamy, romantic hero – they want to be swept off their feet and deeply cared for. They want the fairy tale and need a kind, supportive mate.  If you’re going to be their knight in shining armor, don’t ever turn into a mean toad.

If they find themselves in a confrontation, they wilt.  Therefore, if you find yourself needing to go toe-to-toe with one of these gentle creatures, go easy on them.  Life’s hard enough for them.

Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark – oh god…here come the waterworks.



Homework:  Find Mars in your chart.  What does that tell you?  How do you fight – or make love?

Next, let’s look at our good friend Kim K’s chart.  Check out her Mars.  Now, take a gander at her Moon and her Venus.  What might Kanye need to know to keep her happy?

Kim Kardashian astrology chart

Next month, we’re looking at Rising Signs!

But until then…

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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