Stars Crossed: Astrology For Better Relationships

Many years ago, I sat down for an astrology reading with my then-husband. The astrologer pored over the symbols carefully, smiled, and declared we were “extremely compatible.” It made sense. Our Moons were in a beautiful angle, and so was our Mars. We were both Geminis with the same Mercury and Venus. Geminis are always searching for the other twin, so this reading seemed to say I found mine.

But a few short years later, everything blew up in the ugliest way.

How did that happen?

What the astrologer failed to take into account is we were young, immature, and had extremely different lived experiences. Also: we weren’t manifesting the best sides of our charts. Instead, we were functioning in the “low vibe” of our planetary energy. His Cancer Moon became needy and controlling, which made my Scorpio Moon retreat, and that caused him to grow more clingy…which made me bristle. My Virgo Mars turned me into a critic, while his Taurus Mars made him immovable. In other words: we brought out the worst in each other.

A few years later, I received another reading for a different relationship. This time, the outlook wasn’t so rosy. Our Suns were locked in a square, his Mars landed on my Moon, and my Venus was not in alignment with his. She clucked her tongue and said we’d have fun for a while but probably wouldn’t make it in the long run. There was too much working against us.

That was almost thirty years ago, and we’re still blissfully together to this day. 

That astrologer made the assumption that “incompatible” charts meant there was no way in hell the couple should even bother. This is a fatalistic view of astrology for relationships. The difference in my situation this time: we were mature and functioning in a “high vibe” way, which meant we were operating in a healthy manner as individuals and as a couple. We were ready to do the work to make it work.

Over the years, I’ve learned that astrology can be a beautiful manual for creating healthier partnerships once you understand your natal chart as well as the other person’s. Ultimately, it comes down to mutual respect – and astrology can teach you how to find common ground, appreciate differences, and learn to work together. In other words: you can get along with anyone once you know their astrological makeup – and take the right approach!

That’s why I’m creating this series: Stars Crossed.

I’m a Libra rising. I love seeing people come together. In this new series, my goal is to share the astrological info to help you understand how to connect in the best way possible. This won’t be just Sun sign stuff, nor will it be simply romance. After all, you’re more than your Sun sign, and you have plenty of important relationships that need attention, too (even your enemies!). So buckle up and get ready for a very long series with Stars Crossed: Astrology for Better Relationships.



Some of the topics I’ll cover in Stars Crossed:

Sun Signs – yes, it’s the basic bitch part of astrology for relationships, but still important.
Moon Signs – this is the first place I look because it shows what someone needs to be happy.
Mercury Signs – learn how to communicate effectively when you know how the other side thinks.
Venus Signs – what’s love got to do with it? A lot.
Mars Signs – Mars can indicate how to motivate someone – or how to fight.
Synastry basics – what happens when their Saturn lands on your Venus?
Finding various relationships in your chart (who sits in each house).
Advice for every type of relationship: parent, child, adult children (I get along ridiculously well with my adult kids), lover, boss, coworker, enemy.
Whatever else I feel like yammering on about!

This info will be dripped slowly, so I envision it as a 5-year project (or longer). Who knows? Maybe it will become a book one day. 🙂

If you want to cover astrological basics, be sure to check out my book, Astrology For Real Life: A No B.S. Guide for the AstroCurious.

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