Stars Crossed - How to Get Along with Aquarius

The Stars Crossed series focuses on astrological compatibility. While it’s way more complicated than just your Sun sign, we’re starting off with the Sun because it is an important part of your astrology profile. After all, it’s your core personality. 

This month, we look at Aquarius. Keep in mind this will be general info. As we progress in this series, we’ll look at many other details so you can get the complete picture of the Aquarius in your life (or yourself).

What to know about Aquarius:

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus
Key Phrase: I know.
Traits: logical, cool-headed, independent, original

Aquarius are people magnets. They’re charismatic, friendly, and, let’s face it, cool. It is not hard to love these chill nonconformists! They have a wide circle of friends and seem to know everybody (or maybe everyone just knows them?). If you’re in their posse, you’re in for life. Even if you don’t talk to them for a million years, it’s easy to pick up where you left off when you manage to reconnect. 

Aquarius are known for their open-mindedness. There is no snobbery in these airy folks. They value people as they are, and will treat everyone like an equal. This tolerance leads many of them to humanitarian work. You might find them stocking shelves at the local food pantry or donating to worthy causes. Benevolence is part of their DNA. Individuality is also important, so they may show a strong dislike for imitation. Instead, they want you to be yourself, not some carbon copy of what you think they’ll like.

Because they’re a fixed sign, they are loyal. However, they can be fond of their own opinions, and when challenged, they’ll dig in their heels. Once that happens, it’s hard to change their minds. It’s best to let them cool off when they’re in that mood. When they eventually do, it will seem as if nothing happened. That doesn’t mean you should push these tolerant do-gooders. If you step over their boundaries, they’ll turn to ice and freeze you out permanently.

This leads to a reputation for being aloof or “cold.” Aquariuses can have those qualities, but usually, it’s because they want space. Most air signs are the same – they need room to breathe. If you allow Aquarius plenty of elbow room, they’ll stick around. Try and pin them down, and they’re out. Underneath this tendency to ice people out is a deep-seated anxiety. They may appear like they don’t care on the surface, but deep down, they’re agonizing over whether or not they did the right thing. Sometimes their worries take on a life of their own, and can make them feel sick.

Aquarius is known for logic. They want things to make sense. In relationships, they’re understanding – until things stop adding up. If they sense you’re being dishonest, they will call you on it. You better have answers because they want facts. 

Most Aquariuses are visionary types. They are idealistic, including when it comes to other people. They hope for the best and want to believe you’re just as cool as they are. Because of this, they are highly disappointed when people let them down. Overall, these airy, unique souls make fine companions. If you have one in your life, count yourself lucky.

Romancing an Aquarius: Aquarius prefers to start out as friends first. Intellectual compatibility and shared interests are a must. That doesn’t mean they want a mirror image (they hate that). You be you. But if you’re politically or mentally incompatible, it’s a no-go. Conversational skills will get their interest. If you love to talk late into the night about a variety of topics, you’ll catch their interest. They’re not jealous, as a rule, so you’ll want to avoid playing games. Instead, be straightforward and let them know you’re interested. Above all, be loyal. That matters just as much as mental rapport. Once they’ve decided you are on the same intellectual page, they’ll enjoy social activities the most. Be ready to plan fun dates out of the house, preferably with other friends. While they do enjoy some of the typical courtship maneuvers, it’s best to surprise them with something unusual. Look to their many hobbies for hints on what might delight them.

Aquarius parents: These free spirits make lovely parents. They’re easy-going, mild-tempered, and open-minded. This means they’ll allow the child to develop as himself or herself rather than trying to mold them into a mini-me. They’re devoted to the core but not willing to play “helicopter parent.” While other parents might keep their kiddos on a tight leash, the Aquarian parent will give them space to make mistakes. Children of Aquarius parents will feel free to be; however, sometimes, this can be too much of a good thing. One of the hardest things for an Aquarian parent is punishment. They’re reluctant to say no, and if they become too permissive, the child will become a brat.

Aquarius children:  Aquarius children are precocious, curious, and nonconformists. It’s important for the parents to give them space to be and learn at their own pace, which is often light years ahead of their peers. They are highly intellectual, so mental stimulation is a must. Books, computers, and chemistry kits will keep them happy. Because they’re bright, they’ll want to be treated like a mental equal – even when they’re small! While it’s important to recognize their intelligence, they still need to remember who’s the boss. However, you’ll want to choose your battles wisely because they can be rebellious.

Aquarius bosses: An Aquarian boss will be concerned with the team. Therefore, you’ll want to be an excellent team player if you want to be in their good graces. This doesn’t mean they expect conformity. They want you to be an individual and will recognize what your unique skills are – provided you are able to play well with others. Because they’re fair and cool-headed, you’ll have plenty of space to do your thing. Keep in mind that they can become unreasonable when angered. If you piss them off, they may not seek revenge, but your working relationship could become frosty.

Aquarius employees: The Aquarian employee knows how to be part of a team. They’re excellent at collaboration, so it’s important to put them in roles where they can bring people together. For example, project management is natural. Because they’re friendly, they won’t enjoy being shuttered off to an office away from everyone else. While they can work fine solo, they’re happiest in the middle of everything, where they can socialize on the job. They’re a fixed sign, so they prefer sticking with a company, once they feel it’s a great fit.

Aquarius friends: I’d really like to say that you’ll never find a better friend than an Aquarian and leave it at that. It’s true. But it’s so important to say why: loyalty, honesty, open-mindedness, tolerance, intelligence, fun, and wit. Need I say more? Really, they’re just so frigging cool. If you don’t have an Aquarius in your orbit, find one.

I hope you enjoy this peek into loyal Aquarius folks. Next up: Pisces Suns.



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