Stars Crossed - How to Get Along with Gemini

The Stars Crossed series focuses on astrological compatibility. While it’s way more complicated than just your Sun sign, we’re starting off with the Sun because it is an important part of your astrology profile. After all, it’s your core personality. 

This month, we look at Gemini. Keep in mind, this will be general info. As we progress in this series, we’ll look at many other details so you can get the complete picture of the Gemini in your life (or yourself). 

What to know about Gemini:

Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Symbol: The Twins
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Key Phrase: I think.
Traits: curious, intellectual, versatile, adaptable, fickle

When a Gemini meets someone for the first time, the first question on their minds is: will this person be boring? There is nothing they hate more than being stuck with a dullard. Those born under the sign of the Twins need mental stimulation, so they’ll surround themselves with a variety of smarty-pants people. You get bonus points for being witty. This means you must be nimble, quick, and ready for action if you want to remain in their orbit.

Because they are ruled by Mercury, they have a bit of a trickster vibe. Pranks, jokes, and goofing off: they’re suckers for tomfoolery. But don’t get it twisted – they can be hard-core serious when needed. This duality keeps everyone around them feeling somewhat off-kilter. You never know what you’ll get – a clown or a scientist.

Geminis are Air signs, so they need room to breathe in every relationship. If you try to possess them, they’ll bolt like a deer. This leads to a reputation for being fickle. You must learn to curb your possessiveness if you want to keep them around. Otherwise, they’re off, flitting around for something less clingy. When they spread their wings, try not to take it personally. It’s not about you. They need to satisfy their curiosity, which can lead to roaming.

While some of these traits can be endearing, they can also be maddening for those who prefer consistency. Geminis can stay put, but it’s not natural for these free spirits.

Some of the more frustrating qualities are flakiness, superficiality, and a tendency to ghost. If that type of vibe bothers you, boundaries will be necessary. Either that or you let them do their thing…while you do yours.

Romancing a Gemini: Geminis are the flirtiest sign of the zodiac, so be ready to bring your A-game if you want to get and keep their attention. Also: don’t freak out if they’re romancing more than one person. They like variety and can be indecisive. This means you’ll want to keep things interesting. One day, you might want to be old-school romantic with flowers, the next day, it’s time for a surprise last-minute flight to somewhere new (preferably Tokyo). They fall in love through the mind, so you must know how to converse. If you can talk about various topics (with a side of wicked humor), you’ll get their hearts pounding. Give them space, and they’ll keep coming around. As 38 Special sang: “Hold on loosely but don’t let go.”

Gemini parents: Gemini parents want to be friends with their children. They’re the “cool” mom or dad who understands the latest slang and allows their kids to have a bit more freedom than most. Also: they love to talk things out – if the kiddos are going through something, the Gemini parent will sit down and let them spill their guts. Cathartic? Yep. They are deeply interested in their children’s intellectual development, so their houses will be filled with books, mentally stimulating toys, and puzzles. When it comes to discipline, they’re not the most consistent. If you are their kid, you might just get away with murder. Gemini’s parents are not known for patience. In fact, most of them are in a hurry for the little ones to grow up so they can be independent and more interesting companions. A poorly developed Gemini parent is downright irresponsible. Think: Peter Pan. Instead of doing the work, they want to remain the child.

Gemini children: If you have a Gemini child, you’re in for a treat. They are bright as can be, early talkers, and independent from the jump. You’ll need to keep them busy. A house filled with books, music, and learning materials makes them (and the parents) happy. But don’t stop there: other types of busyness are great for Gemini children. Tidying up, running errands, and helping with the pets are all things that provide these curious tots with teaching activities. Try to limit their exposure to screen time. Getting them outdoors and let them run wild instead. When they’re bored, they will drive their parent insane. If they start peppering you with “why, why, why,” you know it’s time to get them busy. Another problem is their so clever they think they can outsmart the adults. Often, they do. Keep an eye on these wise guys.

Gemini bosses: If your boss is a Gemini, they’ll be a great listener and an inspirational talker. Their minds work fast, and they expect yours to be just as quick. If you cannot deliver an answer in rapid fire, they might suspect you’re not that smart. Annoying? Yep. They can be impatient as toddlers in a toy store, especially if they impose an arbitrary deadline. When that happens, they’ll hound you. But that being said, they are fun and will often treat their employees like friends. Drinks after work? It’s on the house – and maybe at their home. Lastly, some of them can be surprisingly vindictive. If you do something that pisses them off, they’ll fire you without a second thought. YIKES.

Gemini employees: Gemini employees like to be where the action is. This means you want to avoid sticking them in a boring position at the back of the office. Instead, put them in sales or anything where they connect with the public. They are charming as hell and fantastic as the front of house. Give them plenty of variety, and they’ll be excellent. Also: if there are new skills or procedures to learn, they’ll pick up on it fast and then share the info with everyone else. Some will be job hoppers if the work is dull or the coworkers are too serious. They’ll show up while carefully planning an exit. The quiet quitter profile is a classic Gemini move.

Gemini friends: Geminis make fun friends, so you’ll defo want to have a few in your circle. They always know the “in” spots in town and every doorman, which means they know how to get behind the velvet rope. Conversations will always be lively with plenty of laughter. When life gets tough, they’ll help you find your spirit and might just tell someone off for you (they are remarkably skilled at the diss and clap back). However, they can be unreliable at times. This is partly because they need space to do their thing. Also, they get drained if it gets too negative. When that happens, off they go to find someone who loves to party as hard as them. Life is a ball to them, and you’ll feel the same way when you’re with them. Despite the rep for being flaky, a Gemini can be surprisingly tender and loyal AF. That is reserved for the very select few. They know everyone, but few people actually know them.

I hope you enjoy this peek into the changeable, mutable Gemini Suns. Next up: Cancer Suns.



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