Stars Crossed: Astrology For Better Relationships

So you want to see if the stars are aligned for you and your new crush. You find out their date of birth and plug the info into some app only to see the compatibility meter has given you a three on romantic attraction.

If you feel like throwing your phone across the room, I get it. But here’s the thing: those apps cannot give an accurate read on how two people might commingle. Plenty of factors go into relationships – and apps only scan the surface. The same goes for Sun sign compatibility books. Going these routes will give you a superficial view at best.

Before I begin dipping into a couple’s astrological workings, I look at three things first.

Examine the natal chart of each person separately. You might think this is a strange route if you’re attempting to determine the energy between two people. But understanding how people operate as individuals provides a wealth of information on how they might deal with issues such as conflict, intimacy, and communication.

Age and maturity level of each person. This is essential because how I present information, as well as the couple’s concerns, will be radically different depending on the ages and maturity of the people involved. For example, two teenage lovers might be interested in learning whether they might get married. In contrast, an older couple might be navigating tricky situations with stepchildren. Also, the latter would have lived experiences that might color the way they show up in relationships. (PS I have also met mature teenagers and super immature seniors.)

The nature of the relationship and power dynamic. A parent-child relationship is much different than a married couple. You wouldn’t look at the same astrological markers or give the same guidance for each couple. For example, you’d lean heavily on the Moon for parents and children, while romantic relationships also need an understanding of how Venus and Mars operate.

Once you have considered these three points, you’re ready to dive in and see how the stars align or cross…and how to work with the energy to find a healthy path forward.



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