Start It Up

Start It Up - the e-course for tarot readers who want to start a tarot business.

The e-course for tarot readers who want to start a legit biz…

but don’t know where to start

This product has been retired to the digital vault!

You’re been reading Tarot for a long time. People say you’re good. Sometimes, they offer to pay you for your time.

Which may get you wondering: maybe I can start a business.

But when you start looking at biz stuff…you begin to feel scared. Overwhelmed. Not sure where to even start.

You may begin to believe that business stuff is only for guys in suits. Or people with MBAs.

Not for someone like you. You’d rather be flipping cards or polishing crystals.

But the idea of a tarot business lingers in your mind.

You want to do it but you just can’t seem to get started.

Sound like you?

Ready to shift out of that mode and into Tarot Entrepreneur (aka Tarotpreneur)?

If so it’s time to…

Start it Up

[get the course: $21]

What is it?

START IT UP is an e-course for tarot readers who are thinking of starting a business.

You can sign up and start anytime you’d like.

Each lesson is mailed to you automatically, one per day, for 21 days.

Read one lesson per day, or put ‘em in a folder and go through them on a weekend – or at your leisure if you need more time to absorb it all.

[get the course: $21]


Each day of Start It Up, you’ll get a mini-business lesson – short but sweet with actionable steps to follow that will get you moving from fearful to confident in no time at all.

Course topics include: your big why, policies, naming your business, forms to file, website basics, and more.

You’ll also get a Biz Jam of the Day: fun songs to keep you motivated as you set up your tarot business.

Lessons will also include links to helpful resources plus a few surprise e-books that will help you rock your tarot biz like a total BO$$.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Day 1. Why?

Day 2. Name it.

Day 3. Claim it.

Day 4. Structure. Cause you gotta have a firm foundation.

Day 5. Bank on it. Where you gonna put that cash-money?

Day 6. Logos and biz identity.

Day 7. Location, location, location.

Day 8. Plans. Craft your biz plan.

Day 9. Write web copy.

Day 10. Getting legit-y with it.

Day 11. Policies – nip problems in the bud.

Day 12. Define it. What are you selling?

Day 13. The price is right. Pricing your swag.

Day 14. Social media ready.

Day 15. Find your peers.

Day 16. Start a newsletter. You gotta communicate with your peeps.

Day 17. Let’s make a website!

Day 18. Accounting. Find your money guy.

Day 19. Get a mentor.

Day 20. Schedule it. The schedule is everything!

Day 21. Launch!

You can expect no-nonsense business advice in easy-to-understand jargon.  No MBA required. Just grit on your part. My mission: to help you get going + avoid the problems I had to learn the hard way!

Who this e-course is for:

Tarot people who have zero clue about starting a business – and don’t have a lot of bucks to spare.

Who it’s not for:

If your biz is already up and running, you may not need this. This is basic stuff and geared towards people who don’t have any experience with this biz jazz.

Why is this priced so cheaply?

Because many tarot pros are bootstrapping it. I heard you. I want to get this advice to you without breaking your bank account. (Psst…you can look all this info up for free but this e-course saves you that time – which means you’re not only saving cash but loads of precious time, time that could be spend setting up your tarot business and taking care of your clients!)

[get the course: $21]


Whether your intention is to eventually go full-time or to keep your tarot skillz as a side hustle, it’s important to make sure you’re set up to succeed.

You need to be legit. Pro. Ready to shine your tarot brilliance out into the world fearlessly.

Remember: your tarot work helps people. And there are plenty of people who may need your services.

Which is why you want to get your shingle out there. So you can help them.

Because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about: service.

The quicker you get a legit tarot biz up and running, the sooner you’ll be able to help the people who need peace, guidance, closure, and direction.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to Start It Up.

You can do this!


Please note:

Some of the info contained in this e-course is for businesses based in the United States. Your country may have different laws or requirements. You’ll need to do your homework on that, friends.

There are zero refunds for digital products. Shop mindfully!

Lastly, a disclaimer: Business is risky. And while I love using my experiences, and the experiences of countless other entrepreneurs I know, have worked with and have drank endless rounds of wine with, business is still risky. So my advice doesn’t come with any guarantees – it’s based on my experience. I’m not an attorney, financial advisor, nor do I have an MBA. The wisdom contained in this little e-course is based on my experience and is NOT a substitute for legal or financial advice. You get that, right? Cool. Oh, and if you need professional help, consider hiring a business consultant, accountant, or attorney.


“Theresa distilled her years of hard-earned experience to a lean and direct blueprint that answered all the questions I had to better make the decisions necessary to move forward with my tarot business. No filler here. She provides everything you need to know from inception to launch. Just signed up for Shout It Out to learn her marketing to take it further.” ~ Sheila Englehart

“Hi Theresa,  Hope all is well in your corner of the world. I wanted to just write you a quick note of appreciation and gratitude for the “Start It Up” e-course that you offered.

I’ve been thinking about setting up a tarot business for awhile now and frankly, didn’t know where to start. All the business stuff (forms, taxes, etc.) just makes me freeze up like a deer in the headlights.

I saw recently another online course, it was over $700. I listened to the free call online about the program, but honestly, I just don’t have that kind of money to risk. Then your offer came through and I thought, “$21? I can do that!” And I’m very, very glad I did. You offer such great information on where to get help in setting up a business and making it legal and secure.

I’m going slowly in this process, and since I work full time (I need the healthcare, especially in these uncertain times!) I will be only offering my services on a part time basis — but I know I can make this happen — your course has helped me to see that even I, yes, little old ME, can do this!

Many thanks and blessings to you.” ~ Sharon Downey

“Thank you so much for Start It Up! I’m psyched cuz you spoke my language. I’ve been trying to find out exactly how to go about starting my own Tarot website, but everything was so freaking confusing! Then I happened on Start It Up, and everything changed. I’m so grateful for you.” ~ TeriAnne


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