In a perfect world, I would already be sitting in Birmingham with Louise Underhill, relaxing a bit.  But life (and Mercury retrograde) has shown me that the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry indeed.  

Yesterday started off well enough – sunny skies, plenty of time to get ready and I was super organized (as I usually am) for my trip to the TABI Tarot Conference.  I should have been feeling confident – yet I wasn’t.  I had an odd sense of foreboding that I couldn’t shake.

As I sat at my computer to pull my card for the day, I forgot to put my glasses on and then couldn’t remember if I pulled my card upside down or right side up.  The card: 8 of Wands.  Normally, it’s a great card for travel.  I usually interpret it as quick movement and action.  Reversed, it is delays and obstacles – and stagnancy.  My uncertainty as to whether or not I pulled a reversal  added to my anxiety.  I was feeling a little sick to my stomach.  (Note to self: put on glasses first thing in the morning.)

This was to be my first flight overseas so perhaps it was just a little preflight jitters.  I shrugged it off and headed to the airport.

 As I waited in the check in line, I saw a friend of mine and we stopped to chat.  When I asked where she was going she told me that her flight had been canceled due to some weather issues.  I felt a sinking sensation but when I looked outside, the skies were still bright and clear.  Maybe it was just her luck.  Everything looked okay, right?

I settled in with my iPad and waited for my flight.  And then I saw the ominous dark clouds rolling in right before my flight was supposed to start boarding.  Uh oh.

It didn’t take long for the announcement to come:  the incoming plane that was supposed to be our outgoing flight had to turn back to Michigan and refuel due to the storm.  It wouldn’t be coming back for over an hour. Which meant I would not be making my connection to Amsterdam in Memphis.  Damn.

Mom always told me that omens are all around us – you just need to pay attention.  Perhaps my card pull of the day or the uneasy feeling was my sign.  Or maybe the friend at the airport. At this point it doesn’t matter.  I’m back home and rebooked to leave later today.  And praying for good weather and luck.  

As of today, no uneasy feeling.  No “signs”.  So I did a little three card spread to see what I needed to know about my fight today:

King of Swords reversed, The Magician, Page of Cups

The King of Swords reversed may indicate my own mindset about the situation.  I’ll admit, I was in a foul mood when this whole fiasco happened.  I’ve never missed a flight before and this was stressful.  This card can represent my own bad mood and angry outbursts.   This card is also a sign that I need to be as rational as possible now – turning into a jerk is not going to get me to Birmingham any faster. 

The Magician is the card of willpower and resourcefulness.  The number one suggests a new beginning, a fresh start.  The energy suggests determination to manifest a goal.  Notice the difference between these two cards – one is feeling nasty and defeated – the Magician says “I will” and knows with full confidence he will reach his destination.  Time to turn my frown upside down and stay focused on my mission.

The Page of Cups is a happy and welcome sight – in this image the fellow is holding out a cup with a backdrop of water behind him.  This immediately made me think of a warm welcome overseas.  It’s also a happy and positive messenger – good news at last!   The progression of these cards seems to say: defeat, willpower, happiness.  If I viewed it as past, present, future – then we see I’m ready to make my trip happen and put the obstacles behind me – and just ahead I have blue skies and good times awaiting me.  

So I will keep  you posted.  Sadly, I will miss one of the lectures tomorrow – but I hope to be eating lunch with my TABI friends soon.  Fingers crossed!



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2012



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