Talkin’ Tarot With is a monthly feature designed to introduce my readers to different tarot readers from our wonderfully diverse community!  Each month, I’ll be asking various tarot readers 3 questions about their tarot philosophy and style, plus pointing you to their websites and blogs so that you can learn more about them!  I like to hand pick tarot readers that I feel are talented and interesting.
I am always on the lookout for talented readers and it’s amazing how we are all connected in this industry.  I imagine that we have some sort of  “sixth degree of separation” for tarot pros because eventually, we all bump into each other one way or another.  I discovered Brian Babylon’s blog a while back from an online pal (who I intend to feature here soon) and liked his interpretations so I thought I’d give it a whirl and get myself an email reading from him.  I was not disappointed.
Brian has a beautiful, wise understanding of the cards and my reading was deep and insightful but more importantly, practical.  (He also has a great wit which adds to his charm!)   I still look at that reading on occasion because the information he provided was helpful.   If you are looking for a detailed and pragmatic reading, Brian’s your man.
He began reading at a very young age and this is what he had to say about his initiation into the world of tarot: “I was introduced to the world of psychics and fortunetellers by my grandmother Joan, who is probably the most amazing intuitive reader I’ve ever met. I spent countless hours of my childhood in my grandmother’s bedroom while she was in the living room with a client. She taught me to read playing cards and tea leaves in between late-night games of 500 Rummy. I got my first tarot deck, the classic Rider-Waite-Smith, when I was 16 and living in Charleston, South Carolina. I went from reading for myself as an angsty teenager to reading for friends and strangers in bars and at keg parties in college. Now I am a professional intuitive card reader with clients all over the country.”
I can tell you from my experience that his training with his grandmother paid off – this guy has serious tarot chops and is definitely one to keep an eye on.
You can find Brian at these mighty fine web spots:
His website:
instagram: _brianbabylon
1. What is your philosophy about tarot reading?
Brian: My philosophy on tarot reading, and any form of divination really, is that no matter how wondrous or profound or eerily accurate your reading is, you always have free will. The tarot can provide us with so much insight about how events of the past continue to influence our lives, what’s going on right now behind the scenes and what we should look for coming up, but ultimately your future is up to you. A good card reading can give you signs to look for to tell you you’re on the right path, as well as warnings about what people or situations could be problematic. I believe the future is predictable, but not predetermined, and that it changes all the time based on the decisions we make. I might see wonderful financial success at a new job in a reading for a client, but if they take this to mean that a new job is in the bag and they stop handing out resumes, it’s probably not going to happen. I think sometimes the accuracy of a reading can be overwhelming and astounding to the point that it can overshadow the fact that we have to make decisions and take actions in our lives in order to manifest change. I’ve been completely blown away by readings I’ve gotten from other card readers and psychics, and I’m still amazed when a client tells me that what I saw in a reading for them has come to pass, but it’s still important for me to remind clients that they must still take action to avoid potential problems and bring about potential successes.
2. How do you feel a client might get the most out of a reading with you?
Brian: If we have a reading in person or over the phone, one of the most important things is to record your reading or take notes. When I’m really in the zone and the cards are hot, I typically have no idea what I said after the reading is over. It’s also important to have a record of the reading because a lot of what comes through is intuitive and might not be shown explicitly in the cards. I take photos of the spreads that I email to clients after their reading, but that extra info that comes through can be super helpful. Also, something that doesn’t seem to make sense at the time of the reading might become crystal clear in a few days or weeks, so it’s always good to have a record.
When it comes to email readings, I think it’s really important for clients to have questions that are as specific as possible. Since I’m not sitting with the client and can’t ask them those little questions that help me clarify what I’m seeing in a reading, specific questions really help give a more well-rounded reading.
3. What is your best piece of advice for an aspiring tarot reader?
Brian: The most important thing you can do as an aspiring tarot reader is read the cards! Read for your friends. Read for your family. Give free readings at a coffee shop. Actually reading for people will teach you way more about what the cards mean for you than you can learn from any book. Reading for people also helps you get over stage fright and build confidence. Eventually you can even start asking clients to leave a donation if they would like to.
If you are really new to tarot, you can pull some cards every day for yourself until you are more comfortable with their meanings. Check what the books say the cards mean and how that relates to how the cards make you feel when you look at them. Keep a journal of your thoughts and initial reactions to the cards.
 Big fist bumps and mad props to Brian for the killer reading and for taking time to chat with me.  Get to know him or get a reading at his site: Brian Babylon
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