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February 20th 2013 – Whatsa Matta Woo?  Bri Saussy and I discuss online presence for metaphysical businesses.  How woo should you go?  Tune in and find out:

March 13th 2013 – How To Pitch Woo  Bri and I are joined by the creator of Pitch Perfect and Superconditions, Dyana Valentine, to discuss how to pitch your metaphysical biz.  Check it out:

April 10th 2013 – Expose Yourself!  Discussing visibility  on the web and F bombs with one of our favorites, Fabeku Fatunmise.  Don’t miss this one:


May 22nd 2013 – Video Built The Metaphysical Star We’re chatting all about using video for biz with rock star and video coach Share Ross. Get in on it:

June 19th 2013 – Integrating Integrity – How To Walk Your Walk and Talk Your Talk  Bri and I talk about integrity in business – what it is and how to get it:

July 30th 2013 – Reputation and Writing with special guest Alexandra Franzen  Bri and I get schooled on web copy from Alexandra Franzen:

August 28 2013 – Creating A Dynamic Community with special guest Joanna Powell Colbert Learn how to create a healthy community with special guest Joanna Powell Colbert

September 25 2013 – Selling Without Selling Out with special guest Erika Lyremark  Selling doesn’t have to be icky – Erika Lyremark gives us the low down on what it’s all about.

October 9th 2013 – Hosting A Successful Podcast with special guest Donnaleigh de La Rose We got the straight scoop on how to create a podcast that is informative and original.

November 20th 2013 – Up Yours!  Raising Your Rates and Charging For Your Services – Bri and I go deep and trill on charging and raising rates.  You do NOT want to miss this one!

January 29th 2014 – Ready, Set, Launch! with special guest Anne Samoilov – If you have ANYTHING that you are trying to launch, this is the podcast for you. Straight up smarts from the best in the biz: Anne Samoilov.

February 26 2014 – Dealing with Delicate Client Situations with special guest James Wells  – Learn how to create a healthy space that honors both client and practitioner with James Wells.

March 26 2014 – Every Picture Tells a Story with special guest Catherine Just –  your site needs great visuals – including a fab headshot.  Learn about photography for your site and how to get that perfect headshot with master photographer, Catherine Just!

May 28 2014: Rock Your Biz with Referrals with special guest Yolanda Facio – word of mouth is where it’s at and Yolanda Facio schools us on how to get great street creed!  Be sure to check out her awesome ebook: What To Say and How To Say It: Scripting the Perfect Business Response.  Yolanda has also generously given a freebie to our listeners: Referral Marketing Success.

June 25 2014: Build a Brick and Mortar Business with special guest Heatherleigh Navarre of the Boston Tea Room. Heatherleigh teaches how to create a thriving and sane storefront or salon.

July 30 2014: Meaningful Mentoring with special guest Hilary Parry. Hilary talks with us about the ins and outs of mentoring – from both perspectives of mentor and student.

August 27 2014: Astrology for Business with special guest Amelia Quint of The Midheaven. Amelia gives us the skinny on how to make those planets work for your business.

September 24 2014: Make Your Mark! Brands That Stand Out with special guest Shenee Howard of Hey Shenee. Branding expert (and Backstreet Boy fan) Shenee educates on what a brand is and how to create your own unique voice by marching the beat of your own drums ‘n quirks. This is a MUST listen to show, yo.

October 22 2014: Creating and Hosting Fabulous (and soul-ed out) Events and Workshops. Fresh off the Soulful Proprietor Retreat, Bri and I talk about how to make a memorable and profitable event.

November 12 2014: Conscious Communication with special guest Pace Smith. We’re talking all about how to be more mindful when you communicate with your clients. This is a hot topic that you do not want to miss!

January 28 2015: Ready, Set – GROW! with special guest Tara Gentile. Want to grow your metaphysical business in a way that makes you happy (and makes sense)? We’re getting schooled on how to do just that with our favorite business coach, Tara Gentile!

February 25 2015: All Systems Go with special guest Michelle Nickolaisen of Bombchelle. Get your mystical biz in divine order with these tips from our productivity idol, Michelle Nickolaisen!

March 25 2015: Getting Your Website Tight and Right – Design, Function + Security with special guest Alison Monday of Tiny Blue Orange . Tech whiz and design guru Alison Monday gives us the lowdown on making your website work like a dream and secure as a fortress! Do NOT skip this show.

April 29 2015:  Name and Claim Your Gift with special guest Leah Shapiro. Coach Leah Shapiro discusses how to be yourself in business and life – and why you need to fly your freak flag high if you want your biz to succeed!

May 27 2015: So To Speak – Public Speaking with Dr. Michelle Mazur of Communication Rebel Got stage fright? Let’s get over that and get you on that stage! Learn how to rock the mic and create a killer presentation with speech expert Dr. Michelle Mazur, author of “Speak Up For Your Business:

July 1 2015: Sales Pages That Sell with Nikki Groom of Nikki Groom Learn how to create compelling heart-centered sales page with copywriter Nikki Groom:

July 29 2015: Work Less, Live More with Racheal Cook of Racheal Cook We are talking about that elusive work/life balance with Racheal Cook of the Fired Up and Focused Challenge:

August 19 2015: Keeping Your Sacred Well Full with Rachel Cole of Rachel Cole How do you keep your business + yourself healthy so that you can continue to be 100% present for your clients? We’re discussing just that with Rachel Cole.

September 30 2015: How To Be a Kind Entrepreneur – Business Boundaries with Randi Buckley of Randi Buckley Learn how to remain kind without being a business doormat with coach Randi Buckley.

October 28 2015: Step Up to the Mic with Jessica Kupferman . Learn the basics of podcasting with the woman behind She Podcasts and The Podcasting School for Women, Jessica Kupferman.

November 25 2015: End of the Year Recap . We’re talking about the highlights of 2015 and what we predict will be the big trends for 2016…plus some sneak peeks on our upcoming shows for next year’s season!

January 27 2016: Creativity for Your Business + Your Life! with Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts. How can you keep those creative juices flowing? We’ve got intuitive artist + business mentor Chris Zydel on hand to help you connect with your muse and keep the creative jams pumping!

February 24th 2016: Story Telling and Intuitive Marketing with Téa Silvestre of Story Bistro. Learn how storytelling and intuition can help your marketing with Téa Silvestre of Story Bistro.

March 30th 2016: Become a Clear Channel for Your Business – Clearing Energetic Clutter with Debra Smouse. We’re discussing how to get rid of the clutter in your office, inbox, and schedule with life coach and decluttering expert Debra Smouse.

April 20th 2016: Your Mind On Your Money with Bari Tessler. Talking about money, money stories, and more with the author of The Art of Money, financial therapist Bari Tessler.

May 25th 2016: Create + Publish Your Own Tarot Deck with Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz, and Andi Todaro of The Fountain Tarot. If you’ve ever considered creating your own tarot deck, you don’t want to miss this lively + informative conversation with the geniuses behind our favorite new deck, The Fountain Tarot!

June 29th 2016: Keeping Your Bookkeeping Real with Jessica Reagan Salzman of Heart Based Bookkeeping.  We are getting the inside scoop on how to keep your books, pay your taxes and more – with our favorite bookkeeper!

July 6th 2016: The Price Is Right…For You with special guest Fabeku Fatunmise Fabeku.  This is an INTENSE not-to-be-missed convo on pricing, raising your rates and what not to do. Do not miss this one! (PS get ready for straight talk with some curse words! Ha ha!)

August 31st 2016: Brand YOU – Creatively Branding Your Mystical Business with special guest Jacquelyn Tierney Jacquelyn Tierney.  Wondering how to brand you? Wonder no more! Artist Jacquelyn Tierney talks about what it takes to make your brand pop!

September 28th 2016: Business PJ Party! with special guests Hilary Parry, Amelia Quint and Paige Zaferiou.  Listen in as we discuss business trends + predictions, lessons learned, and insider secrets! Get your wine, pjs and join the fun!

October 26th 2016: Book ‘Em! Writing and Publishing. We’re talking about writerly habits, getting published, the work that goes into a book, and what to do after you books gets published (hint: it doesn’t involve sitting around eating donuts and crossing yourfingers).

November 30th 2016: The Best Laid Business Plans. This podcast is focused on planning for success! We cover business plans, to-do lists, editorial calendars, planners, rituals, and more! Join us and get clear on how to plot your way to success!

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