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At some point in your metaphysical business, you’re going to encounter a sticky business situation.

It might be an unhappy client or business partnership gone kaput. Or maybe an online troll that tries to harm your rep. Whatever the business challenges, you need to be ready to deal with it – and move on as quickly as possible. 

In this episode of Talking Shop, we’re sharing some of our gnarliest business conundrums – and how we dealt with them. We’ve had to learn the hard way – and we hope that our stories help you avoid or minimize biz drama.


In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

Inappropriate clients – what to do when someone crosses a line

When a client isn’t happy – how to gracefully handle this common biz problem

Obsessive types – when a client wants a reading every day

Partnerships gone bust – how to recover

Overcoming online trolls and mean reviews 

Copycats and business biters – when your peer can’t stop stealing your work

Boundaries and policies – how to set good ones


And more!

If you’re dealing with metaphysical business drama, we’re bringing out best advice!


Listen in + learn:

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