Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card

Tarot isn’t just for divination – it can also be a wonderful tool for guidance.  In this series, we’ll explore the advice options for every card.

With a Tarot deck by your side, you can make clear decisions, deal with challenges confidently, and find alternate routes when necessary.  The result? The best possible guidance for the future you want.

Join me every Friday for a new installment – and get ready to add some helpful advice + loving support to your Tarot readings.

Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card: Ace of Pentacles

This week: Ace of Pentacles

Put your money where your mouth is.

If you’re asking about a potential investment, the Ace of Pentacles says: go for it! Same if you are inquiring about a new job, financial offer, or relationship. Aces are often an affirmative.

This card can also advise to give as much as you can. Be generous.

Check in with your values. What’s important to you? What matters? Let that lead your decisions.

The right path is open to you now – go forth with confidence.

Give as well as you receive – and vice versa.


Ace of Pentacles Reversed:

This reversal may be advising you to hold on to your money – or to loosen up your grip. That will depend on the nature of the question and the other cards surrounding it.

If you’re thinking about making a change, this reversal says: not yet. Gather more information first.

If you’re thinking of making an investment, the Ace of Pentacles reversed could advise to hold off – the investment may not yield fruit in the long term.

In some cases, this card may advise to reject materialism or to take a job that isn’t totally what you want. Sacrifices may be needed – and remember: money isn’t everything.


Questions to ponder:

What is your relationship to money? Are your values aligned with your financial habits? How important is money to you?




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