Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card

Tarot isn’t just for divination – it can also be a wonderful tool for guidance.  In this series, we’ll explore the advice options for every card.

With a Tarot deck by your side, you can make clear decisions, deal with challenges confidently, and find alternate routes when necessary.  The result? The best possible guidance for the future you want. 

Join me every Friday for a new installment – and get ready to add some helpful advice + loving support to your Tarot readings.

Tarot Advice - Guidance in Every Card: Justice

This week: Justice

Justice is a reminder to be fair in all of your dealing. Take time to consider all sides before making a decision of power.  Weigh options, hear everyone out, look at every pro + con, deliberate carefully: then, when you feel that you have the knowledge needed to make a right decision, execute it with confidence.

Justice can also advise to seek wise counsel, especially if you are asking a question about legal matters.  Go to the expert.

This card is also symbolic of a need to follow the law/rules.  Instead of bucking the system, this card favors working within the system.  Stay the straight and narrow – do not deviate from the rules.

Speak your truth! Remember, the truth will set you free. In all matters, do your best to be honest. BE integrity.

Justice also favors “doing the right thing.”  Even if the odds seem stacked against you, follow your moral compass and trust that karma will sort things out.

Speaking of karma, this card can also advise to “settle your karmic debts.”  There may be a situation where you are being called to do just that – for example, if you’ve done somebody wrong, you may have an opportunity to make it right.  If you are asking about something along that line, this says: pay your debt + you’ll be free.

Lastly, Justice can be advising to seek a peaceful solution to your problems.  Where can you be a source of peace and diplomacy?

Justice reversed:

It may be hard to see what way to go at this time.  Hold off on making a decision. Give yourself more time to examine your options.

When reversed, this card can also be a warning that Justice will not be served – if this comes up in your reading and you’re asking about a court case, be sure that you are getting proper counsel.  If you are not, it may be time to hire an attorney – or fire one.

If you’ve done a crime, this may also be saying: do the time.  Don’t try to get out of it.  Pay your dues for any wrongdoing you’ve done.  Like the post above about karma, it’s also a sign of unpaid karmic debts.  Do not run from problems – face them directly.

If you are thinking about doing something illegal, unethical, or dishonest, you better make damn sure the circumstances are justified.  Sometimes the means justify the ends…other times not. Proceed with great caution (Btw, I have had this come up with clients who were involved in illegal activities – and I warned them to stop or risk jail – and guess what happened?  Yup, jail time.  If you are participating in shady activities, this card can be a warning to knock it off.)

Questions to ponder:

What does fairness mean to you?  How can you find the middle ground?  What does it mean to be operating out of integrity?  Have you ever experienced a situation where you had trouble making a moral decision? What did that feel like?  When have you been unjust or the victim of injustice?



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