Tarot Bytes Episode 101: Tarot and Magick with Damien Echols

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Episode 101: Tarot and Magick with Damien Echols

In this fascinating episode Damien Echols, author of High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row, talks about the role of magick in tarot. I’ve always been curious about ceremonial magick but a bit intimidated. Damien’s new book strips it down and spells it out in a way that makes it easy for anyone to comprehend. Naturally, I wanted to know about how tarot and magick might go together – and that’s how this conversation happened.

Listen in and learn about what magick is, the Golden Dawn, and how to use tarot as a magickal tool. Damien also talks about the Guardian Angel of the tarot deck. This is one of my favorite tarot conversations and one that I think you’ll find to be quite interesting as well.

The book we mentioned in this episode was Tarot Magic: Ceremonial Magic Using Golden Dawn Correspondences by Donald Tyson.

About Damien:

Damien Echols was born in 1974 and grew up in Mississippi, Tennessee, Maryland, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. When he was 18, Damien and two other young men were wrongfully convicted of murder, eventually becoming known as the West Memphis Three. Having received a death sentence, Damien spent almost two decades on death row, until he was released in 2011. While in prison, Damien was ordained into the Rinzai Zen Buddhist tradition. He is the subject of Paradise Lost, a three-part documentary series produced by HBO, and West of Memphis, a documentary produced by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh. Damien is also the author of the New York Times bestseller Life After Death and Yours For Eternity (with his wife Lorri Davis). His current book, High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row, is on shelves now.

Damien teaches classes on magick around the country and works as a visual artist. His artwork entails glyphs, sigils, and symbols designed to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious, combining magick techniques with his own alphabet and writing system to break down concepts and scenarios into abstract designs. He and Lorri live in New York City with their three cats.

For more, visit damienechols.com.

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