Tarot Bytes Episode 107: Tarot and Mediumship with George Koury

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Episode 107: Tarot and Mediumship with George Koury

Curious about mediumship? Wondering if Tarot can be a way to tap into the other side? Medium and Tarot Reader George Koury shares his tips for using tarot as a tool to connect with the dearly departed.

Learn how George incorporates tarot into his medium work – and how you can too.

About George Koury:

Tarot Bytes - Episode 107: Tarot and Mediumship with George KouryGeorge is an International Psychic Medium and Angel Messenger. He had a powerful mystical experience at 5 years of age with a visitation from an Angel. From that first moment George had an unfolding of psychic and mediumistic abilities.  His first tutor was his maternal Grandmother, a gifted Medium.

George began his work life as a professional clown with Ringling Brother’s Circus.  He was also an instructor at their Clown College.  George worked for two decades as a clown.  He realized the importance of laughter and a sense of humor on the spiritual path.

He conducts Mediumship demonstrations across the US and in England. He is a frequent guest instructor and Medium at Lily Dale, NY.  He writes extensively on spiritual topics and is a contributor to such publications as the British magazine, “3rd I”.

George is also a respected Tarot expert.  He has co-taught Tarot with luminaries Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer at Omega Institute in New York.  He’s also been a featured instructor at the international Tarot convention, The Reader’s Studio in Manhattan.  George teaches group classes in working with Angels and Tarot reading worldwide.

George conducts private and group readings and classes and makes regular appearances on radio and television. He is respected for his ability to communicate with departed loved ones and Angels with accuracy, compassion and a great sense of humor.

To contact George:

PO Box 1462
Olivebridge, NY 12461




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