Tarot Bytes Episode 124: Tarot and Talismans with Lori Lytle

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Episode 124: Tarot and Talismans with Lori Lytle

Do you love jewelry and symbols? If so, you’re going to dig this episode! Lori Lytle of Inner Goddess Tarot shares how she’s combining tarot with talismans in the most magical way. This is a fun way to connect to your tarot!

About Lori:

Tarot Bytes Episode 124: Tarot and Talismans with Lori LytleLori Lytle provides mystical yet practical guidance with Tarot as Inner Goddess Tarot in Toronto. She is known for her compassionate, conversational and empowering approach to the cards, and her ability to help her clients connect deeply with their own inner voice, their own Inner Goddess. Lori is a solitary witch, a priestess, a diviner, a wedding officiant, and an introverted empath. She has been reading Tarot for more than 25 years, professionally for about five years.

Lori holds two Masters degrees in Ancient History/Archaeology and Museum Studies, was a fundraising event planner and lived in Japan for several years, but now her full-time focus is on Tarot. She runs the popular Toronto Tarot Circle Meetup group and also offers readings and Tarot classes internationally online.  She blissfully spends a lot of her time in her golden home office with her cat, Willow. This year Lori will be presenting at the Light & Love Tarot Reading Festival in Montreal, the Elora Tarot and Divination Festival, leading a round table session at Readers Studio, and she recently became the Mythology and Folklore Columnist for Spiral Nature Magazine.  Find out more about Lori and read her blog at www.innergoddesstarot.com.

Grab your favorite deck, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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