Tarot Bytes Episode 137: A Tarot Spread for Advice

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Episode 137: A Tarot Spread for Advice

I’ve shared two simple tarot spreads in the last two episodes and today I’m sharing one more that you might find useful. I created this spread many years ago for guidance and I use it all the time for myself and with clients.

I use this spread with a specific question in mind. It’s not for general outlooks – the Past Present Future spread (or the Celtic Cross) is better suited for that. Here are the positions:

Situation, What You Need To Know, Advice

The situation looks at the current energy around the question.

What You Need To Know covers those blind spots or things you may be choosing to ignore.

Advice offers guidance so you can make good, conscious decisions.

Useful as can be and easy to work with. You’ll defo want to add this spread to your tarot toolbox.

Grab your favorite deck, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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