Tarot Bytes Episode 138: Hard Cards with Sarah Gottesdiener

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Episode 138: Hard Cards with Sarah Gottesdiener

Ever pull a tarot card that makes you groan? You know what I mean: a card that looks “scary” such as The Tower or maybe the Ten of Swords. Those cards often elicit a strong reaction – and usually a negative one. But the hard cards are great teachers and not something to fear. They are often portals into new levels of consciousness. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, I’m joined by Sarah Gottesdiener for an enlightening discussion on hard cards.

We discuss how to look at the difficult cards in an empowering way, decks with no bad cards, what to do if a reading leans toward the negative – and more. This episode may just change your mind about the tarot cards that freak you out.

About Sarah:
Tarot Bytes Episode 138: Hard Cards with Sarah GottesdienerSarah Faith Gottesdiener is a creative living in Los Angeles. She’s studied the tarot since 2004 and read professionally since 2012. Sarah has taught hundreds of people about tarot, and other magical topics in-person and on-line. She has also run a feminist brand called Modern Women, that creates printed matter, art, and apparel, since 2007.

Sarah was the creator of the cult classic Many Moons Workbooks, and is currently working on a book about the moon that will be out in 2020 on Saint Martin’s Press. Along with her collaborators, she co-hosts the Strange Magic Podcast, which is about tarot, magic, and spirituality.

Instagram: @gottesss
Shop: shopmodernwomen.com
Blog: visualmagic
Strange Magic podcast: Strangemagicpodcast.com

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