Tarot Bytes Episode 145: Postures and Gestures in Tarot with Dina Berrin

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Episode 145: Postures and Gestures in Tarot with Dina Berrin

Did you ever notice how someone stands and think “Gee, that person looks confident?” Postures can say a lot. In tarot, there are symbolic meanings behind how the figures stand, sit, or hold their tools. Even the hand gestures mean something. For example, an open palm can suggest opportunity – or receiving. When you study the cards in-depth, these small details add a lot to your readings.

In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Dina Berrin and I discuss the postures and gestures in the cards – and what they might be trying to convey. This episode will help add new layers of meanings to interpretations.

About Dina:

Tarot Bytes Episode 145: Postures and Gestures in Tarot with Dina BerrinIn Dina’s own words: “My education in divination started at an early age. My grandmother, a small but mighty woman, was an astrology devotee. She used to speak with me in terms of zodiac sign, characteristics, and attributes. This began what has become a life long love and endless curiosity about what is really going on beneath that smooth and shiny surface we show the world.

Having studied tarot, astrology, numerology, and a few other disciplines for over 25 years, my readings have evolved into a mix of my knowledge.  I do readings for private clients, as well as small gatherings, parties of all types and corporate events. In addition, I teach classes on how to read tarot like a pro, and host Tarot and wine nights where I guarantee everyone leaves being able to read with a few easy tricks and tools I teach them. At my yoga and tarot events, we explore the power of connecting to your intuition. I am also a Co-Active life coach helping clients find their inner leader, how to bring more vibrancy into their lives and true life purpose.    I am also a wife and mom of three kids who know how to keep me on my toes.  We live in New York City.”

Website: Dina Berrin
Instagram: @dinaberrin
Facebook: Dina Berrin Tarot
YouTube: Dina Berrin

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