Tarot Bytes Episode 153: Tarot and the Left Hand Path with Bere Parra

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Episode 153: Tarot and the Left Hand Path with Bere Parra

What is the Left Hand Path? How might a practitioner of this path approach tarot? I was curious. So I reached out to Bere Parra, a Mexican theistic satanic witch to learn more. Bere talks about common misconceptions about the left-hand path, the Devil card, and more. This enlightening conversation sheds new light on a practice that is often viewed as “negative” or “scary.” I have a better understanding of readers who follow this path. If you’re wondering how a satanist might approach tarot, listen in.

Super grateful for Bere for making time to chat with me about tarot and the left hand path!

About Bere:

Tarot Bytes Episode 153: Tarot and the Left Hand Path with Bere ParraBere Parra is a Mexican theistic satanic witch residing in Guanajuato, Mexico. She majored in Hispanic Literature and has had many occupations: teacher, executive assistant, holistic center manager, translator, and social media pro. She has an innate strong connection and interest in the occult practices, which led to her ‘coming out of the broom closet’ in 2018. She mainly works with Satan, whom she considers her father figure and main guiding light, but she often works with the ad and blessing of Lilith and the lady Moon.

Her life mission is to shine a light on the ‘uncomfortable’ truths most people like to ignore. The shadows are her second home and greatest teachers. Website. PatreonTwitterInstagram.


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