177 - What to do when a Tarot reading doesn’t feel “clear.”

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Episode 177 – What to do when a Tarot reading doesn’t feel “clear.”

I’m going to approach this topic from two perspectives. I’ll start by talking about what to do when you get a reading that doesn’t feel clear – followed by what to do when you’re giving a tarot reading and can’t seem to find a cohesive message. I’ll share my best tips so that you can find your way through the fog – or learn from the experience. 

Some of those tips include: writing down your reading and revisiting it later (my favorite!) and pulling a clarifying card. Both of these techniques can help you make sense out of the most muddled tarot reading. I’m also sharing some reasons why a tarot reading might not be clear. Learn what NOT to do before you start shuffling those cards!

Grab your favorite deck, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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