Tarot Bytes Episode 190: Is It Self-Serving to Serve Yourself? with Shaniqua Leach

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Episode 190: Is It Self-Serving to Serve YourSelf? with Shaniqua Leach

Tarot readers are so focused on serving others, that they often lose sight of their own needs. What happens when they use their spiritual gifts to heal themselves? In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Shaniqua Leach teaches how tarot readers can work with tarot to give themselves the same loving care that they give to others. Shaniqua talks about how to deliver a helpful reading to yourself in the same way you’d deliver one to a client.

She also discusses what to do when you get stuck on a tarot card meaning, cards that keep popping up in the client’s readings (there might be a message for YOU), plus some things you can do to get out of your headspace and back to your heart. This conversation is going to help every reader learn how to serve themselves as well as they do everyone else.

About Shaniqua:

Tarot Bytes Episode 188: Is It Self-Serving to Serve YourSelf? with Shaniqua LeachShaniqua Leach is a tarot reader, digital artist, Instagram creator, and YouTuber. She began reading tarot cards in 2016 and has begun working on her own deck, called That Afro Drip Tarot, a celebration of the black aesthetic and experience inspired by the Rider Waite Smith deck. She posts collective tarot readings on Instagram and YouTube and provides personal readings through her website, WritingWithTarot.com.

Find Shaniqua all over the web:

Instagram: What_Shaniquas_Into
Twitter: WhatNiquasInto
YouTube: What Shaniqua’s Into
Website: WritingWithTarot.com

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