Tarot Bytes Episode 224 - Before You Start Working with Tarot with Brittany Kennedy

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Episode 224 – Before You Start Working with Tarot with Brittany Kennedy

So you decided you want to start reading tarot. But before you start shuffling, there may be a few things to keep in mind. Such as picking the right deck for you (nope, doesn’t need to be the RWS), cleansing, calibrating your cards to you, protecting your energy…and more. Lucky for you, Brittany Kennedy of Nefertiti Rising Apothecary is sharing her best tips in this episode of Tarot Bytes. Listen in and learn how you can get started on the right foot!

About Brittany:

Tarot Bytes Episode 224 - Before You Start Working with Tarot with Brittany KennedyNefertiti Rising Apothecary was founded by Brittany Kennedy in 2020. While the rest of the world seemed to be in despair amidst the pandemic Kennedy gained her vision discovering that she is a seer. With a deep-rooted passion to help others, she refined her gifts to provide an overall holistic approach to health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit for her clients. Kennedy combines her knowledge of Numerology, Astrology, Herbology, Magick, with a dash of Psychology to give you a 360 decoded view of your life. This allows her to create a regimen tailored to your specific needs, wants, & desires so that you achieve your highest potential. Nefertiti Rising Apothecary services include Psychic Readings, Incantations, Life Coaching & Spiritual Consultation services, and various holistic products.

In October 2020 Kennedy partnered with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for their annual conference providing the mental health community with guidance via Tarot Readings. It was an experience that gave her healing just as much as it gave those who received readings.

Kennedy was also featured in the 4th & 5th Annual African Business Month Conference.

Kennedy has a BFA in Art from The University of Texas at San Antonio. She is the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, Artest University founded by former NBA player Metta World Peace and his father Ron Artest Sr. Kennedy is also a Model & Actress represented by MMG in NY and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Tarot Readings by Brittany Kennedy

Grab your favorite deck, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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