Tarot Bytes Episode 228 - What You Need to Know About Internet Tarot Scammers and Staying Safe on the Web with Sabrina Scott

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Episode 228 – What You Need to Know About Internet Tarot Scammers and Staying Safe on the Web with Sabrina Scott

There has been an uptick in internet tarot scammers, especially on Instagram. I’ve had countless imposter accounts – and so have many of my peers. Sabrina Scott and I talk about our experiences with online scammers – and how metaphysical practitioners and followers can combat the problem. If you’re a professional tarot reader, astrologer, healer, psychic, or sacred artist, this conversation can help you navigate this rising problem. Fans, followers, and clients can also listen and learn what to look out for so they can stay safe and avoid getting ripped off by these predators.

About Sabrina:

Sabrina ScottSabrina Scott has been reading tarot and doing witchcraft for more than twenty years. They went to their first séance at eight years old and grew up in Modern American Spiritualism. Their witchcraft practice is deeply intuitive and mediumistic, with a focus on trance, ecstasy, and communing with the dead. They see magic as a way of building relationships with non-human beings, and as a way of healing and grounding the body, mind, and soul.

Sabrina owns and operates a successful spiritual teaching and consulting business, with clientele worldwide. Her online courses and group coaching programs, Tarot Without Bullshit and Magic Without Bullshit, have helped hundreds of students build skills and confidence in their spiritual and divinatory practices. 

In addition to her professional spiritual work, Sabrina is also a Ph.D. candidate in Science and Technology Studies at York University, where they are working on a project about contemporary witchcraft as a popular science method for improving health outcomes for persons with developmental trauma. 

Sabrina’s first graphic novel, Witchbody, was nominated for the Doug Wright Awards, the biggest comics award series in Canada. It is currently taught in university curriculum in the United States, Canada, and the UK. 

Their work has been featured in various documentaries, magazines, and other news/media outlets, including films produced by Barcroft TV and Vice. Media appearances include those in the BBC, Nylon, Yahoo!, Refinery29, Broadly, Witches Magazine, Torontoist, FemRadio, and more.

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