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Episode 232 – Awaken the Court Cards with Thomas from Hermit’s Mirror

Do you struggle to learn the Court Cards? You’re not alone. Most Tarot readers feel the Courts are tricky to interpret. Thomas from Hermit’s Mirror has written a workbook called Awaken the Court Cards and he’s sharing some of his best tips from the book. Learn how correspondences can help you develop a stronger relationship with the members of Tarot’s Court.

About Thomas:

TAROT BYTES - Episode 232 - Awaken the Court Cards with Thomas from Hermit's MirrorThomas is a divination coach helping you find your divinatory strengths so that you can turn divination into transformation. He’s the author of Tarot Tableau: The Fool’s Journey, a guide for using Lenormand techniques to enrich your tarot reading, and author of Awaken the Court Cards: a workbook to bring the court cards to life. He is also the creator of the Life Line Tarot and Life Line Lenoracle decks, and he has a new deck coming out soon, the Seaborn Kipper, co-created with Siolo Thompson.

Website: hermitsmirror.com
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/hermitsmirror

Interactive PDF workbook on Hermit’s Mirror:

Printed book on Amazon:
Awaken The Court Cards

Lifeline Tarot: lifelinetarot.com
Seaborn Kipper: seabornkipper.com

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