Tarot Bytes Episode 63: Going Pro with Christiana Gaudet

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Tarot Bytes Episode 63: Going Pro with Christiana Gaudet

Wondering what it’s like to dip your toes into the wild world of professional tarot reading? If you’re thinking of going pro, then you need to listen in to this episode of Tarot Bytes! I’ve brought in Christiana Gaudet, author of Fortune Stellar, the handbook for tarot pros.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to know when it’s time to pro, what to charge for your services, misconceptions about the biz…and more! Christiana knows her stuff, people.

Business Wisdom for Tarot Professionals from Christiana GaudetChristiana Gaudet is one of the most recognizable talents in tarot and the intuitive arts today. Christiana began reading professionally in Putnam, Connecticut in 1994. Now she serves a worldwide clientele with telephone and Skype readings, and offers private readings from her office in Palm City, Florida. Parties and special events are available throughout Florida and the United States.


Learn more about Christiana at her site and various social media channels:




Twitter: @christianatarot

IG: Christianatarot

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