Tarot Bytes Episode 213: How We Began Reading Tarot, Writing About It, and Creating Decks with Sarah Potter

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Episode 213: How We Began Reading Tarot, Writing About It, and Creating Decks with Sarah Potter

Do you wonder how tarot readers get started? Curious on how some make the transition from tarot professional to writer…or deck creator? Sarah Potter joins me today for a fun and frank discussion on our tarot journeys. Learn how we made the leap from hobbyist to pro – and author. Sarah also gives the inside scoop on her new deck, The Cosmo Tarot!

Psst…when you hear the backstory on how we began reading tarot, my hope is this inspires you to keep shuffling! I hope you enjoy this peek at our tarot journeys.

PS I love talking to Sarah. This conversation could have gone on for days. Seriously. She’s so amazing! I’m grateful she came back to Tarot Bytes for a second round!

About Sarah:

Tarot Bytes Episode 196: The Magic of Color and Tarot with Sarah PotterSarah Potter is a celebrity psychic medium & Tarot reader based in NYC. Her first book The Cosmo Tarot: The Ultimate Deck & Guidebook is out now via Hearst Home.

Her writing on witchcraft, Magick, and Tarot is featured in Cosmopolitan, Astrology.com, Bust Magazine, and Shondaland.

Learn more about Sarah on Instagram: @iamsarahpotter
Book a session with her: tarotwithsarahpotter@gmail.com


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