Tarot For Brand New Moms


Tarot for Brand-New Moms:

Parenting, with psychic powers. Seriously: is there any other way?


“What’s the ideal star sign for my kid?” 

“What’s the optimal date for my C-section?”  

“Is there any family drama on the horizon, and how can I course-correct, right now?”   


As a mom-to-be (or current mama), your life is riddled with life-altering dates, dramatic physical & energetic changes, and daily decisions that continually shape your family’s destiny.


Tarot can ground & anchor you in your intuitive wisdom, empowering you make the best possible choices for yourself, your partner & your kidlets.


In this three-part virtual workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of Tarot to elevate your emotional intelligence (and make pre-natal & parenting choices with supreme confidence), anticipate obstacles in the family realm, and choose ideal dates for conception & birth — even your C-section.

“As a new mom, my time is very limited.  The days of getting one-on-one tarot readings and tarot instruction are becoming few and far between.  Tarot for Brand New Moms helps me to answer all those challenging, parenting questions, on my own, with Theresa’s innovative and easy-to-follow workbook.  It’s perfect for any mom interested in using tarot for her parenting concerns without needing to leave the comfort of her own home.” ~ Tracey V.

“Who said kids don’t come with an instruction book? Tarot for Moms custom-fits a guideline for each child’s unique needs. I wish the Tarot for Moms program had been available when I had my own new bouncing baby boy.  Don’t be fooled by the title. Even *seasoned* moms of older children and teens can benefit from the wisdom shared here. Whether you’re a tarot pro or whether you’ve just recently held a tarot deck in your hand for the first time and aren’t sure what to do with it, Theresa will guide you so you will be able to make the most of the maternal wisdom that awaits you. This is mother’s wisdom at its best.” ~ Donnaleigh
You’ll attend three 60-minute LIVE audio workshops, with space for personalized Q&A with Theresa Reed (alias: The Tarot Lady) during each call. 

Class dates: Monday February 20th at 1:00PM EST (12:00PM CST)
Wednesday February 22nd at 1:00PM EST (12:00PM CST)
Monday February 27th at 1:00PM EST (12:00PM CST)

You’ll also receive an mp3 of each workshop, an audio transcription, and a companion workbook full of Tarot exercises designed especially for mamas, a list of recommended decks, an online resource round-up, and THREE exclusive bonus interviews with tarot rockstars Donnaleigh de la Rose (host of the award winning tarot education podcast, Beyond Worlds), Chanel Bayless (creator of A Knight’s Journey Tarot and the brand new Simply Deep Tarot) and Matt Williams!  

Bonus interview with Donnaleigh: Tarot and Parenting Special Needs Children

Bonus interview with Chanel: Tarot and Single Parenting – How To Manage Beautifully If You Are A Solo Parent

Bonus interview with Matt Williams: Tarot and Dads – How Tarot Can Help Dads

*New bonus: Special Pregnancy Tarot Spread from Biddy Tarot!

*New bonus: Tearing Down Walls Spread from Chanel Bayless!

You’ll invest: $195 (or, three payments of $65)


Ooh, and! A 15-minute 1-on-1 Tarot reading with Theresa is included in the cost of the program. Bring your juiciest question, and we’ll see what the cards hold for you and your tyke (or tyke-to-be).


Workshop participation is limited to 25 moms.  

Grab your spot, dust off your favorite deck, and let’s talk parenting — the good, the gnarly, and the gorgeous.



 PS Tarot is NEVER a substitute for medical, psychiatric or legal advice.  Always consult the proper professional.  Common sense people!